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More boys cross dressing?
I read this and got curious:

Quote:Hinton told WAVY-TV the problem was brought to her attention by teachers. She said she knows of several male students who were wearing makeup, wigs and dresses to class.

Do you think she's lying? Or is there a trend for more boys to start doing this?

My impression, even in California, is that boys who go that far are extremely rare, and often it seems to be more mischievous like 2 boys going to the prom together to get a discount with one dressed as a woman because they think it's funny and/or as part of a dare. But I'm exposed to a lot more tween girls than I am teen boys so I may have just missed it.
Virginia school district considers ban on cross-dressing;.

California is a goat of a different color.

Understand our population is roughly 33 million, it runs around 10% of the population of the USA. So statistically there is going to be more LGBT in California than elsewhere, thus seeing a 'rise' in the number of Transgendered is to be expected, in California.

Gays and Lesbians have been having a fine time being open and out and about, of course they dress 'normally' - in the case of gays, fashionably, but still 'normally'. It is most likely a result of that openness in the L & G part of the LGBT that the T is now asserting its 'right' to life, liberty and the pursuit of fashion it likes to wear.

Transgenders get the worst, but then its not as easy to hide that your wearing a dress when your a boy than it is that you kiss boys when no one is looking. Wink

Virgina is bible belt territory, mostly southern Baptists and fundamentals, there has always been a strict 'no go' code in that part of the country when it comes to LGBT.

The reason why this is even news is not because some guys are wearing dresses, but because the ACLU is seeing it as a violation of rights and freedoms, which for the transgendered community it is.

While some guys may be having fun, I think we are going to see a lot more transgendered kids coming out of the closet over the next decade as more acceptance and tolerance of Gays and Lesbians takes hold.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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its probably three or four students doing this. I live near the area and its more likely that you'll see lesbian and bi girls dress like guys than guys dressed like girls. I've probably seen one guy dressed in drag in the area so far. but most are smart enough to get the hell out of Virginia when they graduate.

and I hate when they say the dress codes are for there safety, it reminds me of the segregation videos I watched where whenever a civil rights activist was killed in the south most of the reactions were "well, they were asking for it". it should never be ok to harass or kill someone because there different.
It's like the people who say there are more gays and lesbians these days, it's simply not true.

There is less reason for gays, lesbains and cross dressers to hide because there is less to fear.

We hear more about these things as they have become less 'taboo'...ever noticed that there seems to be more and more stories about pre-teens seeking puberty supressing drugs for gender identity issues and more stories on teens undergoing treatment for gender reassignment?

It's more about a more tolerant society and these things becoming more visible rather than more people cross-dressing etc.
This had some commentary on it:
Cross dressing boys is trending in japan.
We have cafes with all cross dressing boys.

They have make up lessons and stuff for men who want to start too.
sucks because I cant post links yet...

But you can see the website at:

Well in the UK I have noticed quite a few young men my age which adopt a more feminine look for example longer hair styles wearing presumably more feminine colours and designs. I personally have no problem with it although I have often mistaken some men for women which has lead to some embarrassment and a lot of giggles. However I haven't seen any full on manly men walking down the street in skirts or thigh high leather boots. Oh wait there was that one time in the bus station! Well to each his own.
Ah true, there isn't more of us, just more of us out of the closet.

Transgendered teens are less apt to be out of the closet than Gays and lesbians. I think when they start coming out of their collective closets more than a few of us will be actually surprised at the number.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
Where I live, we don't have many "out" gay people, but rather men who dress in drag. Our "gay identity" consists of a few men who dress like women, and can often be found flaming around and dancing on the streets during parades and such. We actually had our 2nd official Gay Pride Parade last year, and I saw this one guy... I was like, "s'cuse me ma'am" and "her" voice was deeper than mine :eek: .

There really aren't any gay men(in the sense that they aren't drag queens) here, and if there are, it's not very well known. This one guy was so scared to approach me, cause he thought I would tell everyone about him, and he's friggin well 28! I would never tell/out somebody to the public, but to be with someone, means to be with them and not feel ashamed, so I politely refused him(he's been stalking me ever since :mad: ). We have loads and loads of lesbians running around here, but not so much non-drag gay guys.

Though, the ethnicity ratio here is like 3/4 black and 1/2 white and the other 1/2 "other" , and in the black culture, being gay is to basically become a woman, unless your the one screwing, and even then it's still not good. Though we have some guys who come from jail, purposely looking for young guys to "do the dirty" with. That's why I hang around girls mostly, cause they don't want a girl (oddly enough, since they went in liking girls).

Very tricky issue here. Either your a hyper masculine guy who only does the screwing or an on fire flaming drag queen who has long wigs and fake eye-lashes on. For lesbians, it's okay, cause guys actually like that. The "butch" one's wear short hair, baggy pants, and usually are very gruff and rough, so their always hanging around the guys and the "femme" ones are equally rough, but can go un-noticed by pretty much everyone.

It's not okay to be a "guy" and be feminine, so they dress up like a woman and pretend to have a vagina. I think myself and a few people in my social circle kind of go against this, which is why people pick on us (especially when I had long hair. So many "hey gurrrl!"'s can really get to a person :mad: ).
Interestingly, I saw a story in one of today's papers that in Scotland the dress code for schools is going to be changed to bring it in line with the Equality Act 2010. That means boys can wear girls clothing and vice versa so long as it doesn't breach any other part of the school's dress code.

I didn't think we were that advanced so I was very pleasantly surprised.

As for more guys cross dressing... I'm not a cross dresser myself, however I have found myself often thinking that I really like an item of clothing in a store if only they had it in a more masculine cut. Female clothing seems much more colourful and more varied than male clothing.

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