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Most heroic thing you have ever done?
Hi there,
Whats the most heroic thing you have done in life??? Mine was when i was on the beach with my other half and some mates and it was about 10pm and a girl screamed from under the pier and we went over to the screams me and my bf and noticed a black guy trying to rape her so we internvined and she got away safe and sound.... We told him that she was my boyfriends Niece and that if he doesnt fuck off his got us lot as a group to deal with..... 8 vs 1 he backed off

Kindest regards

zeon x
I killed a spider for my sister once( all i can think of right now:redfaceSmile
Grade 4:
My parents were having a serious fight. My dad was going to smash a chair to my mom, I ran in front my mom facing my dad to cover my mom from getting hit.
Killing a spider is not a heroic thing unless its a poisonious thing lol... thats like saying u saved a fly from its web before it got a moment to eat it lol
One day I have not smoked for 6 hours ... does that count ?

Being heroic is a bit different .... yourself think its not worth to talk about.... another say it was heroic ... and the third say it was idiotic.
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STOP eating Animals !
^Ah I so identify with the above post. When it comes to myself, not smoking for six hours is not an easily accomplished thing at all.

Anyway, when it comes to major things, I've actually done a few things that can be seen as heroic. On more than one occasion I've managed to successfully talk someone out of committing suicide. It would often take hours at a time, but I've never cared. Last year I was in a rather violent car accident. The truck containing my mom, stepdad, and I collided with a station wagon containing a 15 year old and his mother. I cleared the airbag away from my stepdad's face after it went off on him before undoing the seatbelts holding all three of us in place. After getting out of the truck, I helped my stepdad walk my mom away from the crashsite. He remained with her while I staggered over to the station wagon to make sure that the other two were okay. I was the least injured of all of us and I stayed with them until help arrived shortly after the accident.

This may not count since it was done to save myself but on more than one occasion I've managed to escape from a possibly deadly situation. For example, I've once ran from a vehicle containing a person with a silencer pointed at me. I maneuvered through several yards, making sure not to be seen as the SUV circled the houses and I hid between two trucks in a driveway until they were gone. I even managed to give them a false 'trail' by removing a shoe and leaving it several houses away from where I ended up hiding.

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