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Movies that should/should not be remade
who's making childs play = have they no shame ,,, brad dourif or nothing in my book
Do not remake .

The last of the Mohicans
Legends of the fall
American graffiti
Anything Bogart was in.
Don't Remake:
Back To The Future Trilogy
The Matrix Trilogy
Ghostbusters 1 and 2

Do Remake:

Harry Potter - This is actually not a movie remake that I think should be done, but rather I think it'd be cool if they could remake it as a TV show. Work through each book over the course of 1 season, maybe 2 if they are sure about being renewed. If each episode is an hour long and you can manage to swing 20 to 27 episodes a season, you can work out 20 to 27 HOURS per book. I think that'd be enough to do it absolutely perfect without leaving anything out.
Never remake:

Angels in America...It is brilliant as it is...perfection.
Tales of the City....NEVER REMAKE is 70s SF and cannot be reproduced
Aliens....Classic film that may one day be viewed as a documentary:biggrin:


28 Days Later...Zombies Cant Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus Christ Superstar.....Needs a good update
here's a general list: if it was bad, it should be remade, but better and if it was good it should be left alone.
Hackers and sleepers need a good make over.
Hackers would be hard to do in this day and age because you can't do simple hacks anymore, like playing recordings in to a payphone to trick it in to thinking you've paid.

It's all so advanced now. I mean, not saying it'd be impossible, but I dunno. That sort of thing was identifiable to me, not cause I did it, but because I'd heard about it and it was frikkin cool
I'm generally not a fan of remakes but i think the one they should do is Escape to Victory. That would be quality IMO.

One film they should definately not remake(should never of been made in the first place) is Vanilla sky.(awful film just awful)
i would like to see a modern top gun.
Well, when I think of movies that should be remade, it is usually because I want a new generation to be able to see them not because the originals were bad.

The one that tops my list:

There are too many movies that I think should never be remade, as they are just too bad.

Like this one:


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