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Movies that should/should not be remade
Auntie Mame - God I loved that - both the one you posted and the one made with Lucile ball playing the lead role.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
They should never remake:
Another Robin Hood, Zorro, or Tarzan movie
Flash Gordon since it wouldn't have Max Von Sydow
They should never remake Brokeback Mountain.

I can't see anyone else in those roles, other than Heath (RIP) and Jake.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
remakes are horrible. the "writers" of a remake prove that they are too lazy to think of original stuff.
Rainbowmum Wrote:Remake.
The Beastmaster (1982)
Omega man
Clock work orange
The Blob
The California Kid
And last but not least , please do not shoot me for this . Logans Run
The rest they have remade.

Not to be redone ever.
Never touch any of the Star trek movies.
Blade series
Highlander series
I will think of more as I go.

I think you are nuts to want the remake A Clock Work Orange, that is classic Kubrick
Wouldn't hurt to give Godfather III another go, and do it right this time (especially since Pacino is actually the right age now).
I'd have to agree with Godfather III of all the films it was the most lackluster of the 3
I had the amazing opportunity to watch Jurassic Park in a theater last year and it was nothing short of awesome. The movie had been one of my favorites ever since I had seen it as a child and seeing it on a big screen just reinforced for me how great of a movie it is. Badassery at its best.
I definitely want to see a new Nightmare before Christmas Not a remake because i like the way the first one looks as is but just a number two in the series
Eragon remade and accurate to the books haha

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