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Must..Resist.. Urge.. TobuyjustinbieberCD
It seems my guilty pleasure is growing at a rapid rate and I am now tempted to by one of his CD's just to collect them to some degree, g'lord! what have I become! :eek:
I caved into pressure and watched his Never Say Never DVD, and I will admit to being impressed with his talent, then went and bought his album on iTunes and only listened to it once, and probably never will again.

No need to feel guilty about enjoying someones music...enjoy the music and forget about the person who sings it Wink
Ah but you see, I've watched his DVD and well.. I like his music yes, but will admit to having an insanely odd crush/thing for him :redface:
what ever makes you happy I guess. but there's a lot better music out there
He is a cutie. He is young though.
Be a man ! :biggrin:

Buy the thing and if anyone sees it , blame it on a niece or a neighborWink.
MidgetGem Wrote:... of his CD's just to collect them :eek:
dvd/cd's hmmmm
[Image: Laboon_avatar_for_me_by_Bam_chii.gif]
And for anyone interested, lesbians who look like Bieber:
Haha follow your passions! I have to admit that I too listen to the Beibs and watch his videos, and I honestly think that he does have a fair amount of talent for a modern pop artist(doesn't mean much these days). Make up for it by listening to some Queen, it cleanses the soul lol

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