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My art work!!
Heres some of my work from my last project which is called The Purple Night Out...

[Image: DSC00291.jpg]
[Image: DSC00290.jpg]
[Image: DSC00292.jpg]
[Image: DSC00293.jpg]
[Image: DSC00294.jpg]
[Image: DSC00295.jpg]
[Image: DSC00296.jpg]
[Image: DSC00297.jpg]
[Image: DSC00298.jpg]
[Image: DSC00299.jpg]

Tell me what you guys think please?
Very dynamic. Would like to see how the whole wall looked.
WOW! You have impressed me. I truly enjoyed them, would love to have seen them on the wall. Keep up the excellent work.
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Xyxthumbs Yelclap Respect
fjp999 Wrote:Very dynamic. Would like to see how the whole wall looked.

I second that!
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Very Impressive young man

I'll put some pictures up of the whole piece of work when I have put them on photobucket.

Cheers guys for what you lot have said its well resived thanks...
That's very nice work.
I am not educated or trained when it comes to art but I know what pleases my eye.
I'm interested in photography myself but I don't really have a good camera right now.
Hopefully in the future.

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