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My hometown
Was going to post this to sway who ever would answer my This or That post (Bergen or Oslo) but I'm gonna make a thread instead.


Share you hometown.

I would love to explore my hometown with some of you guys xD
Even though I've lived here all my life, I'm sure I've only seen half of it.
Looks like a nice place!
An eye for an eye
Dan1980 Wrote:Looks like a nice place!

Yeah it is. But it rains a lot here. But those of you who like in the UK are used to that weather I hear Tongue
Bergen looks very beautiful, thanks for sharing those videos.

I have an obnoxious amount of pride in where I'm from, as I think I've made fairly clear on here. I'll keep it specific to my old neighborhood though.

Coney Island is famous for the amusement parks and the beach of course, but I found this video of a model and she's from the same building I grew up in, so it shows a little more of the residential parts of Coney Island.

That's a little more about some of the residential areas

Someone filmed their walk down the boardwalk

A little closer to its golden era and what made it so famous

[MENTION=24036]Ibex[/MENTION] I love the cities near to paralel 60º because they look like they were on afternoon almost all time. I live in a paralel 8º city so the sun is always near to the highest zenith (we have it twice a year)

like this

[Image: Tropical-area-mactan-philippines.jpg]

and also yes sign me on your list, I would love to see Norway, I wish to travel to Tromsø too

I have been thinking in a thread like this a few days ago, but now that you started it, I'm gonna have the duty to find some videos from Panamá :biggrin:
Ok I found some videos...

Let me introduce you to Panamá (Not Florida Tongue)

This one is full photographs of the Panamá City. (where I live)

Panamá City again, but this time a video from a Drone.

Driving trough the Coastal belt III

The Old town

The Old town at night (where's gets more interesting)

This is from some Panamá beaches

And one from the place I was born (where my grandparents lives)

What a great city. I'm sure the life there must be wonderful. Confusedmile:

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