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My illness is worse... Any ideas??
Hi All,
Just thought id type about whats on my mind right now as i sit here.. Well my illness ive got has got worse.. It did clear up yesterday but has gone back ten times worse now.. I woke at 3am unable to get my breath well could get a tiny bit but my chest and throat were both clogged and i couldnt seem to dislodge it or cough it up so i ended up trying to irritate my throat muscles to cough and that didnt work nor do anything so i decided if i wanna get some air in me lungs gotta do what i dont wanna so went to toilet and stuck me fingers to back of me throat to try to dislodge the yellowy phlem which done the trick and then i managed to cough up loads of it must've spent about 15 minutes at the bog gobbing into it looking like a right chav..
Well as day nbroke and me got ready for work went to work and felt alright but as the day went on ive got re clogged up, my throat is sore as anything and everytime i breathe i can feel a bubbly sensation running up and down my chest.. This virus thing ive got has lasted in me for about 10-14 days so far and is driving me fucking nuts as ive lost pay where im unable to work.. So tomorrow because im having breathing problems (at moment im alright breathing wise but i get short of breath very quickly) im going to go to the sussex county in Brighton and see a emergency GP top try and find out what the hell is going on inside me.. I suspect i may have a bad chest infection.. Cigarettes make me feel ill but im gonna go asda shortly with my landlord do me monthly shopping as payday has come again and then im going to get some lozengers as ive said to my boyfriend after this pack of cigs and same for you we are both quitting.. If you dont thats fine but your not smoking in the car or the bedroom your have to go outside in the pissing cold.. Also another symptom is i cannot speak much, having to whisper to get messages accross and whatnot..

So yeah apart from feeling shit sore and absolutely crap in general im pleased to say my spirit is still high.. I may be weaken but im not defeated Confusedmile:

Kindest regards all and if ur a smoker give up u dont want what ive got..

Zeon xSick Hanged
Steam inhalation may help loosen the phlegm and make it easier to cough up. (Just a suggestion)

Not having studied medicine for a decade... I will leave it to the professionals of which I am glad youre seeking advice from asap.

I certainly hope that is not pneumonia which my partner had last year and was stuck in hospital for some time! He also had the chance to quit smoking when we moved from Tokyo to San Francisco but couldnt. I was so happy to be able to quit cold turkey...

After his months long hospitalization he finally quit for half a year then the idiot started back...

I did as you and forced him to smoke outside in the cold, rain, next to the dumpters, hehehe... so good luck in your health and the end of an expensive, long death walk with cigs... try smoking pot if ya need to smoke something Remybussi
Sorry to hear about your'e condition zeon, life fjp999 I dont have any medical training so I cant advise you. Had serious chest infections though and know how bad it can be. Hope you feel better soon and keep taking the anti biotics if you are on any.
Hi All,
Thanks for ya kind words its tiring me out this illness and i havernt got the energy to cook dinner so got bf 2 do it

kindest regards


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