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My investigation
I'm doing very bad for myself still thinking about my ex boyfriend but it's the way it is. At this moment I can't help myself and it doesn't change anything that it's Christmas holidays.

So I did something probably nobody would think about. Because I was very jealous and interested if he was dating someone so far, I started to think about the way to learn something about this and because I'm a Facebook addict I got an idea.

If someone is very familiar with Facebook like I am and will get what I did. My ex boyfriend has closed friends list so I can not see who his friends are and recently Facebook has stopped posting on the wall recent friend activity such as X person is now friends with Y. The only way to see if someone adds another person is by "ticker" on the side bar but you have to be online at the same time to notice that and I'm not online for 24 hours.

So I checked profile photos of my boyfriend and list of people who liked each photo. I did this because usually when you add a new gay then you like his several photos and he does the same to show sympathy. So I found two unknown guys I have never heard about and seen on his Facebook. Because we've been together for last year I know all of his friends so those two new names got my attention.

One is let's say G.F and I checked out his wall. most of the information was closed but I scrolled down and I saw friend activity which said he became friends with my boyfriend. I was curious to know what day that happened but Facebook doesn't provide with dates so then I saw that guy G.F posted something on 8th of October on his friend's wall and again on 12th of October and friend activity was between those two posts. So they became friends between 8th and 12th of October while we broke up in November and we found ourselves in trouble only in the end of October and before break up he told me he didn't want to lie to me and said I deserved him to be honest with me so he admitted he was on dating website but never talked to anyone seriously and completely denied adding anyone of Facebook, saying it was just a chat with random guys. I felt really really bad to find out he still lied to me. That guy is gay definitely because I could see some familiar gay people on his wall and it' was very easy to guess from the pics of his friends as well. at the same time I'm feeling very bad my ex boyfriend got known with those kind of guys because he's inexperienced and that's not good for him.

Second guy, SH.B, I found in the list concerns me more. He studies at the same university as me and is a bit older than us and had a profile pic taken in Venice. He commented on my ex boyfriend's old photo on 8th of November. (Couldn't find out when they became friends but obviously before than 8th November) and if you are not a new friend why would you comment on an old photo now? I mean if you are friends with my ex you probably would see that one before because he had it as a default photo for a long time. and now my ex has put it as a main photo back. (Maybe it's his new friend's favorite photo?) (Just saying he still keeps a photo of me and him together in his profile picture album.)

To think opposite than what I though about this guy I found one photo posted by him with a very sweet comment by my ex boyfriend's best girlfriend. and I thought maybe they knew each other before and he's someone from neighborhood or something but no, my ex would mention him ever. and what I think now is that my ex introduced him to his best friend and that's why they are friends. but if it's true that's so painful because that girl was saying she couldn't imagine us separately and I had to stay positive and keep hoping everything would be much better when I'd get back and now he likes my ex boyfriend's new guy??

and you know what? I just thought this few hours ago, my boyfriend got a very high quality photo of himself in end of October and this guy, friend or whoever is a photographer and he has the same kind of photo on his Facebook, I mean same effects on the photo. I do see connections, unfortunately.

I so wish I was wrong and he wasn't dating anyone but even if he's not I don't know if it changes anything. I'm feeling so sorry for myself to have this miserable end of the year. I don't know why I deserved this. They say it all happens on a reason but just why this to me?

P.S. It's his birthday today.
Obsession only leads to heart break.

I understand you want to know, I understand you are having a hard time dealing with the break up and you still have feeling for him....But it is over, let it go and move on Kyle, you are killing yourself softly Kyle.

You are young and handsome, smart and empathetic, seem to have an open mind and kind heart....there are men out there that would love to be with someone like you and will treat you like a prince.

Get over this guy, put yourself out there and meet your Mr Right...Or I will fly over there and make you elope with me Wink
Oh Kyle ,
I am so sorry sweetie , but I have to agree with dfiant.
You really have to stop doing this to yourself, time to let it go.
Hi buddy,

If anything I have learned that sitting in front of Facebook thinking of past times can make you go crazy. It is possible to have a Facebook addiction, I myself have trouble with it and it is always on my iPad or iPhone, just take some time to relax without Facebook and you will find that the negative feelings subside. It may be hard to do but it can work, you will may find you will feel alot happier in yourself then.

Lots of love,

Mrk2010, x
That's what I did last time, but he just deactivated his facebook account. So I really don't know if he has new friends or not.. That's terrible!!! Sad

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