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My limited Italian
Since nobody's posted on this board yet I thought I'd kick it off ... but I'm afraid my Italian is almost limited to Italian MENU, insofar as I can say things like "petto di pollo alla crema e funghi" (breast of chicken with cream and mushroom sauce) or "quattro formaggi" (four cheeses - pizza Wink).

I can also say "prego" (please) and "bene" (thanks), but beyond that I'm a bit rusty ... well ... truth be told I've never learned it !!

It's got similarities with Spanish and, in turn, French, so I can understand some of it when I read it ... it's a beautiful language, and one I should like to become more proficient in ... Confusedmile:.

Anybody speak Italian ??

Come on Spotysocks, own up !! Bighug.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

Sono qui! Si lo parlo un po' ma non l'ho parlato d'apparechio e forse il mio 'spelling' non e' perfetto. (Figurati... il mio spelling e' male in tutte le 3 lingue che parlo Rolleyes)

Peccato che non abbiamo alcuni italiani qua, force si arrivano presto!

Shall i translate?

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



I understood that you were saying your spelling in Italian isn't that good ... and then you went on to say that your spelling in all three languages you speak isn't that good (which I very much doubt - your English is VERY good) ...

... but yeah, I didn't get the last bit :redface:.

Please - go on :biggrin:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Hi! Ciao shadow! come va!? spero che mi capisca Smile
first..i know italian, i may teach u if you want Wink

Prima di tutto vorrei farti alcune correzioni: "prego" non significa "please", bensì è una forma di cortesia, e non ha una vera e propria traduzzione; "bene" non significa "thanks", bensì significa "good", e "thanks" si dice "grazie".

Anch'io ho dei problemi con le lingue, inanzitutto con l'inglese. Quindi siamo nella stessa situazione :S
Vedo che spotysocks sa parlare bene l'italiano,..e quindi possiamo pratticare un pò in questa nuova sezione, no? Spero che ci siano altri che parlino questa lingua..sarebbe molto più produttivo(?), molto meglio. sentiamo allora.
Yeah shadow that is what i said and is true.. my spelling is pretty bad but the firefox dictionary plugin saved me hehe

Peccato che non abbiamo alcuni italiani qua, force si arrivano presto! = Pitty that we dont have many Italians here, maybe they will come soon.

Hey Joacos che bello che parli l italiano! Certo che possiamo praticare l'italiano qua e speriamo che l'italiani si collegano.Talker

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Sweet !! Yeah joacos, that would be GREAT ... if you wouldn't mind, could you start me off (as Drocko17 has with Spanish) with the conjugation of a verb ?

As in, what's the Italian for the "I, you, he/she/it, we, you, they" list ?

Thanks babe xx

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

P.s. Sorry I screwed up some of the words :redface: ... Confusedmile:.
hey shadow Smile
hopin me italian aint that bad like, thats what I remember of it :

I : IO
you : TU
he : LUI
she : LEI
it : ESSO
we: NOI
you : VOI
they : ESSI

ever tried swedish? that is reeli mint man!!! Big Grin

Bonjourno! Mi dispiace, non parlo italiano.

rk07, jag pratar lite svenska.
Oh my god! All the italian!

All the Italian I know is the stuff you need to get you through reading music scores. Basically, I can only talk Italian in speeds, and instrumental techniques.

"Ahh yesss, molto perpetuo spicatto! I see!"

hey hyde!!
Jag pratar lite svenska ocksa!
hur mar du min van? Tongue


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