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My name is Jim
Hi! My name is Jim. I'm currently living in Tallahassee. I was born and raised in New Jersey. Not sure what else to really talk about at the moment. I really like the set up of this site. Seems real easy to navigate. I also created a site for gays and lesbians. It's still new and in the process of ironing out the wrinkles. Feel free to check it out and ask questions. glcnationDOTcom. If anyone on here knows of any "threads" where folks can discuss web design and web programming, please let me know! Smile
Hello GLCnation and Welcome to GaySpeak. I suggest you start your own thread about those subjects, why not...? Good luck with the posting.
I think I will.
Why do you ask that question in the poll?
because i'm trying to decide whether or not to allow nude photos in my website. as of now, nude photos are not allowed.
Why would you want to ban them or allow them? What are the issues?
I would like for the site to become a gay social networking site. not a hook up site. but some members have joined and have been trying to upload nude photos anyway. should i change my direction for the members or should continue my direction?
Don't allow nude pictures then... Or make it so that photos have to be moderated, like on this site.
very true. i really like this site. I wonder if the creator would do a link exchange.
Ask Andy and you'll know...

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