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My name is Luke
Hi guys my name is Luke I am 20 from Illinois,USA.

Since the age of 13 I began to like boys since girls didn't like me. I would realize I would get hard near them. Would that trigger a sign I am gay. On apps such as Tinder and BoyAhoy I get excited when talking with boys/men.
Hi Luke, I guess if you get hard around men that would be you are attracted to them
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Hello Luke. Smile
Hi, Luke.

You sem to understand the signs. Now you should accept that they are real and decide what you wnat to do about feeling this way. It is up to you. No one else can decide for you. Ask questions here if you feel it will help.
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Welcome to the forum Luke Smile
Nice to meet you Luke, I always loved that name hehe. No idea why but is soooo cute
Hello, [MENTION=23747]lukeydukey96[/MENTION], and Welcome to GaySpeak. The signs you are showing seem to indicate at least some form of attraction to boys/men. I don't think girls not liking you (at the age of 13?) has anything to do with being gay or not. But it does help to know that you get horny in the presence of men. It could be an indication. But what makes a man gay is not just how his sex organs work. They pretty much have a life of their own, sometimes, as you may have found out. When you fantasize, when you dream, do your fantasies and dreams ever portray girls or women? It might be something that you are just afraid of because you are shy or awkward around them?
I think we'll go with the fact that your attraction to other men might be an indication of your sexual orientation. How do you manage to hide your attraction to them? Has it ever been an issue? Have you ever been in a sticky situation where your attraction may have been detected and wrongly interpreted? I hope it hasn't caused you any trouble. As someone here said, it's now a question of deciding how you are going to deal with what you perceive to be your sexual identity and orientation. Be aware, of course, that there are as many pitfalls in the gay world as there might be in the straight world. The only thing that helps is that both partners or all partners in same sex relationships work with the same piping. But apart from that relationships are just as complicated and complex.
Welcome on board Smile
Hi Luke. Lots of things can excite us that don't necessarily define who we are, at least not in definite terms.

What makes you think girls don't like you?
Hi Luke and welcome to GS
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