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My name is Tom
[COLOR="Pink"][SIZE="4"][B]I recently accepted my sexuality as a gay man but I still have a plutonic relationship with my female roomate. I'm still in the closet, but maybe one day I'll come out. Just wanted to say hi and if anyone would care to chat with a 40 year old please let me know[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
Hi and Welcome :-)
Proud to be Gay & Pagan

[Image: pentagramm.gif]

31.10 Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween
21.12 Yule
STOP eating Animals !
Allo, Tom! Smile
hi Fenris, thanks for saying hi
allo Nocturnal
Hi Tom! Welcome to the board! That's quite a simplistic username. We don't have to guess your sexual orientation lol. Yup! Ah and a fellow New Yorker too. You're gonna like it here and there's definitely people here your age and they have even came to terms with their sexuality at around your age too.

Welcome to GS

Homosexual Wrote:a plutonic relationship

So a few years ago it was downgraded from a full planetary relationship? ;o)

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Hi Homo - from another Homo Smile,, welcome to gay speak, nice to see another new member
Hi Tom, hope you enjoy this room much
hello Tom,

welcome to the forums, hope you find everything you're after. There's lots of epople around to chat normally, don't be scared to say hi

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