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My soldier in afghanistan
My boyfriend of 4 years has been in Afghanistan for 4 months now, he's not back till may. I miss him so much and nothing I do can stop me constantly worrying and just needing him here with me. He's a sergeant and is in one of the most dangerous positions over there. What can I do to dull this pain even slightly? Has anyone else been through anything similar? I'm not out to my family so I can't even speak to them about it, finding it hard to be positive about anything lately Sad
Well, often there are support groups for the spouses and partners of people in the military. You could check out one of those.
wow thanks for all the support.. sorry this thread wasn't about lady gaga. leaving this site.
georgeorwell Wrote:wow thanks for all the support.. sorry this thread wasn't about lady gaga. leaving this site.

Whoa! Slow down!

The lack of responses is probably because most people have never been in a situation like this. I certainly haven't.

The closest I've come is trying my hand at a long distance thing now. I'm lucky to see him once a month for a day or two. In the meantime there's email and Skype.

Can you Skype him? It really helps to see a face and hear a voice.

The month of May will be here soon enough.
Be strong for him.
Sweetie , I feel your pain.
Four months without your loved one by your side is not easy.
What he does is extremely important him, being there without you is not easy for him either.

He has a tough job , and he needs you to stay strong for him.
It's only natural that you miss him.
Try new things not new people.

Here for you always , and thank you for your partners sacrifice.

Sending you a mum hug
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Navy"]My heart goes out to you. I think sometimes just talking to someone helps to ease the worry you are having about your boyfriend, even though the response was slow in coming for your posting, please remember the time differences there are for Gay Speak members, and that many of us are either at work or doing something else.
If you're not out to your family then just post to this thread your feelings and I'm sure there are many of us who will listen to you and respond to help you overcome your natural worries and anxieties. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
I'm sure you will be fine, must be hard for you. Do you not write to each other through the mail they get or something similar, I'm sure in this day and age they still do the post in the army etc. How about you do something constructive with your time like make him a care package and fill it with the stuff he likes and maybe the odd photo to cheer him and yourself up. :-)

As for responses to your thread, well the time difference thing comes into account and the fact people have lives. I'm not on so much and readilly available to reply to threads as I'm busy studying and what not but I'm sure your thread would have been answered more. As for threads on lady gaga I'm sure we only have one of those ;-)
Also Mr I think if you contribute and post more, (you've been here since December) you may get more out of the forum and maybe more people will offer their expertise to you. :-)
While I haven't been in your situation being on the end where my loved ones were in harms way I am a soldier, and I am a four tour combat veteran so I have been on his end many times. I can't really offer a lot of advice for getting through the worry, because I haven't had to deal with that side. But what I can tell you is that from his end he will be going through a lot of things there and they will be things that are different from what you are going through back home. The best advice I can offer is try and stay in touch as best you can, depending on the size of the FOB he's on he may have regular reliable internet acess, he may not. If he does Skype is a wonderful thing and it's free from that end, not sure about this end. f he doesn't have regular internet access some parts of Afghanistan have decent analog cell phone service and like others have said there is always snail mail, it's slow but I can tell you from experience when you are far from home and you receive letters or packages from people you care about it's one of the most uplifting things you get. Try and comunicate as much as you can and just make sure he knows you care about him and that you'll be there when he gets home and you two will get through it.
If you want to talk just shoot me a line.
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i hope he gets back ok

more later maybe

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