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My style and my Family.
So not many people on here know this, BUT!

I'm a proud Skinhead
Now, lets break it down.

in the late 50's there where Mods in england, hard working young lads with shor waved hair, they loved there scooters and there reggae. then in the 60's reggae became more at home in ENGLAND! the mods and the jamacian Rude Boys, clashed. giving birth to the fusion of wonder Skinheads! Hard working class chaps that love a good ska tune!

All though in the late 70's when the media craped on skinheads, and said BLAH BLAH BLAH! RACIST NAZIS! giving birth to the Ignorant scum none as the Bonhead! who lets face it, even there mummys hate em'! So now adays, us hardworking skin's with traditional, patriotic, not so political ska loving hooligans! get confused with the Bonehead Right winging num nums of the South, nazi scum eh'! Well lets just say rude boys, and skinheads are breaking through to new borders, reaching from california to london and all the way to south korea! with orginizations like SHARP, and SHSKA we clear our proud names up and hold our heads up high!

Real skinheads will never judge by your colour or sexual prevrances! and we are actualy very very nice ladies and gents!, wether we wear our fancy suits or our tight rolled denim jeans and work boots!

Now you've got a little bit about my Style and my Family
(my actual family hates skinheads becuase they still think skins are neo-nazi's even though i hold my sharp chapter meet ups in the back yard and we have several asians, and 2 jewish chaps and a few jamacian boys. wich makes no scence at all...:confused: )

Hope you enjoy!

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first to reply,poor guy

Like this?
i love ska music i now how t dance it. i now skinheads it is sexy boots and bracis dont make your racsist.
Well thank you for clearing that up. I am one who was REPEAT was under the impression of the negative about skinheads you have opened my eyes to the truism that there are good and bad in ALL walks of life thank you for the information.

It is too bad that the bad aspects always rise to prominence and the good are shunned along with them.

Keep up the fight to show the good side.
love the fact you belong to a group and that you have looked into the history but when said group starts taking over your life it may have gone too far.
A great friend of mine from several years ago was a skinhead. To me they are more about ultra progressive thought, enjoying the 'irony" of life and art, having fun with crazy raw fashion and goofing off. Not a violent bone in his body. Except when he was having sex, then I heard he did get pretty wild. But we're not talking about beating up punks in the alley. I had the ability to enter this crowd because even though I seem fairly normal on the outside, I tend to say really crazy silly things randomly, which that culture loves. And I had a good grasp on art, including outsider/modern/abstract/graffiti. Provocative is good, violence is bad. People who don't think and embrace the herd mentality are frowned on. Some extremely intelligent and creative people. So I respect this group of people because they have some great ideals.

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