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My weekend was lame... how was yours?
East Wrote:I worked all weekend as I often do as I am self employed and the weekends are my busy time. I did two trade shows which are were 15 hour (Saturday) and 14 hour (Sunday) days. No whining here though...I like what I do and enjoy myself doing it.

To BA.....I am really very sorry that you are having to deal with that. Please take care of yourself.

What do you do?

XRIMO Wrote:I had a pretty good weekend, visited my parents (and their horses), drove my mom to pick up a new van, stayed at a cabin with some friends and hung out with my friend's 4 year old today playing super mario bros 3.

Now back to the schedule.

Horses? Now I'm envious! We went to a veggie stall today and I had to drag Rob away from the goats and llamas haha Smile
Didn't do much, had school stuff to do on Thursday and Friday: meeting with people in the department and filling out forms, that kind of stuff. I went to see a movie with my brother on Saturday. Then dug a hole to pour a cement post. Boring.
Sorry, wasn't my intention to hijack the thread or make folk feel bad.
We know that, Bowyn. You sounded like a little support wouldn't hurt, that's what friends do Smile
Well, besides having a cold, getting a giant bolt in my tire, and my computer cord dying so that couldn't use the internet, I had a really relaxing weekend. No really, I did. Kicked back, in between coughing fits, and took cat nap after cat nap, watched some good TV and went to bed early every night. Today, I actually felt good enough to go the annual Taste of Colorado, A food and fine arts festival that have in Denver every Labor Day weekend. I just so happened that I was there while it was cloudy which meant it was much cooler. There's always next weekend my friend!
I got dragged to a cookout/party that I didn't want to go to do people realize the meaning of..I don't rally wanna go? happy labor day!
Took a few days off last week so had to work over the weekend to make up for lost time. Off to bed now Smile

@bowyn: sry to hear that, I hope you recover well. Sometimes life throws a wrench into our plans...
I had a laid back weekend. My daughter and her boyfriend
visited and we just bummed around together. Ok, I wore my
"normal" clothes and stayed snugly in the closet, but that's
how it is. Watching football and scary movies, walking around
town, going shopping at my favorite antique store (where I
did NOT get felt up...this time anyway...last time another story)
Anyway, it was just a quiet time in Mayberry, where I'm sure
the local folks (goober, gomer, aunt bee) were relieved to
see me in jeans. As to the time with my daughter, she is
the light of my life (with her siblings). Ok, I ramble, but it's
been a long day and I am sooooo glad to finally be able to
curl up with my puter and chat with someone (anyone dear gods)
who has a clue.
it was a toss up for the weekend. i was expecting to get my house keys on friday but had to seettle for th garage door opener. i would have started moving but school got in the way.

and before i knew it was already monday night. i did manage to stay in bed and catch up on a lot of sleep. now, im ready for a short 3 day work week. Smile
i spent my weekend with my boyfriend and fixed the alternator in his car which is ironic because in our relationship im the more passive one yet i know more about cars than he does and bowyn im srry to hear wat happened but Bighug hope you feel better

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