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Thanks,I still need to do more photo shoots. It's so fun what i do. I just need the props for it all. Invasion
Just updated mine. Kinda Smallville obsessed lately :redface:
Your not obsessed with the show... you just want the main actors cock in your mouth. :tongue:
But the main actor (Tom whatever) is so ugly lol
Or you just want him coz hes famous :tongue:
Actually, it's not Tom Welling im interested in. More Justin Hartley (google him) who plays Green Arrow in Season 6 hehe... **drools** and I met the guy last weekend...PHWOARRRR !!
Dont know who Green Arrow is,dont think I've seen any of season 6 so...dunno who that guy is. oh well. Wink
#17 his name..hehe Invasion
He ain't too bad looking,finally looked him up lol. I've still gotta wait for ages to see smallville season 6 :frown:
So unfair :eek:
I've been downloading it every week from the states. was the season Finale last thursday. Season 7 starts end of September. Season 8 (the final season) starts mid next year I believe.
Lucky you,I ain't got my own computer. I have to go to the local library Cry
Oh well,I suppose I can wiat until its all on national tv lol

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