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Myths and Misconceptions About Gay Men
I'm gonna put this here, it's a good read for everyone. Might also learn something, and might make you feel better about yourself Smile
"Gay relationships don't last
Another stereotype is that gay relationships aren't as real or long-lasting as heterosexual ones.
Research has found that to be untrue. Long-term studies of gay couples indicate that their relationships are just as stable as straight pairings."

"Someone made him gay"
Yeah, God (if it were to exist Tongue).
Take me for example: At the age of 18 or so, I started to feel attracted to guys. Got gay thoughts while fapping. No one forced those thoughts upon me. I did that on my own.
Unfortunatly because of society, I felt ashamed of those thoughts, and tried hard to ignore them. But every time I fapped, almost every time at least, I had gay fantasies.
Eventually I accepted those fantasies. Got internet and started looking at dicks and such xD

Some of these myths and such are so funny to read xD
that gay people are stupid and not able to excel ( take that Apple)

[Image: Tim_Cook_2009_cropped.jpg]
I think a lot of straight guys assume that we all are drag queens, while some of us are and that's all fine and dandy but I'd say the majority of gay people are just "normal" people, live normal lives and so forth.
I have seen some misconceptions between the gay community itself Lol... the majority between tops and bottoms, they have a lot misconceptions about each others lol. how a top has to be, to act, to looks, and viceversa...
About as many myths and misconceptions as there are about bisexual men it would seem like...

We are all different.

We may share some similarities with some others, but we all approach the world in our own way.
Those who have HATE in their heart are HATEFUL PEOPLE
A myth about bisexuals is that they will fuck anything. Not many hold that view i hope.

By that logic straight people will fuck anyone if they are the same sex.
My favourite has to be that bisexuals are a myth.
Some gays believe that Bi-guys are actually gay guys just sort of half dangling out the closet.

And alot of the Christian homophobes think we're straight guys being "tempted" by sin.
That gays are feminine.

Limp wristed pussies we are not.

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