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Name one Fault that you have
I am sure if you have read some of my posts you have seen that I am a terrible speller. hahaha I was trying to figure out how to point this out before it got pointed out to me like it does all the time with my facebook friends. :biggrin: so anyway I figured why not start a new thread and it will help people to get to know eachother. :biggrin:
Oh I have a few faults let me think..............??????????????????????????????????????????????

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
One fault I have is I'm a terrible conversationalist and conversation starter. Really trying to change this. Makes meeting new guys really difficult.
I'm the Eeyore of my life. A pessimist constantly worried and stressed about something. Although it's not easy to see because when I'm around people I'm all smiles and laughs. And it's not fake, I just don't want to burden anyone with my silly issues.
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Well, my speling and grammar isn't great...
I overthink things a lot.
I'm quiet and shy.
Quite lazy as well, like being on here instead of revising for my exam in two weeks.
I have a lot of faults.
Probably resentment and insecurity, I have some real problems letting go when I get something negative about a person fixed in my mind. Forgive and forget is the way to go but I consider that more of an attitude than a choice.
I would have to say I am like Purple husky and i am a terrible conversationalist and conversation starter when I'm with new people but not that way with people I know.

Another is that I am way to giving and I think people take advantage of that
I can be inappropriately silly and/or snarky (a few times I was downright insolent) at times. I'm actually much better about keeping this part of me in check on the internet because I don't want to be seen as trollish (as I fear I would be when my expression and tone of voice can't be discerned) and because I use more a more analytical part of my brain when online (and sometimes even when I do get inappropriate I have second thoughts before actually sending, or, when possible, have edited or deleted that which I've sent).
I procrastinate far too much
I have little to no self-confidence
Extremely quiet, shy and reserved
I tend not to tell people about things that are bothering me and instead "push them aside" and put on a false pretense to make people think I'm happy, (this I'd say is my worst fault)
I could name far more but would rather not Confusedmile:

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