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Name one Fault that you have
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Far too talkative for my own good and never knowing when a silent moment is a good thing..!

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
My psyche is broken, (my personality and thought processes) As a result decisions sometimes are very complex for me to make
I.e. I want sex, but I don't want to be a slut, but I really just want intimacy with another person but I really can't be looking for that right now, but I really want it and I've been flirty with a bunch of guys, but now I've given people the wrong impression of who I am.....
And this goes on a lot on several topics for me.
I haz a penguin!
[Image: penguin.gif]
I'm lazy, kind of selfish, pessimistic, over think everything and self-conscious...etc. Oh man, too much to be pointed out, but in fact, I'm trying to mend them. I'm being less pessimistic now...Confusedmile:
I think about it too much... you may ask about what? I'd respond it... all of it.... constantly thinking about every little thing I have to do inevery successive day, think about the guy I just saw across the street and how awesome it'd be to somehow create a chance meeting... or if somehow he just managed to be the right guy and I wouldn't have to create that chance... about how that stop sign has colors red, yellow, green, a bit of an orange... and some silver showing through that ding right there... how I"m just going to be crashing on couches for weeks, and how that's lame... but hey that's cool... but... I just think a lot... about everything, but I guess we all do... I just pull into myself too much at times and think about the most absurd things on into the future...

....personally I love this about me (I've always felt that athletic people spend a long time getting to know their body, where I've spent a lot of time getting to know my mind) and at the same time I hate it. Constantly trying to remind myself to be in the moment and not think so heavily about the future, and this often comes to conflict with that thought process... yeah... (also makes me really self-conscious)
i let petty things get to me. sometimes i will stew on them to the point i get pissed. i dont know how to deal with my feelings/thoughts in a healthy way. i cant teach people things, i get frustrated and quit when i try to. i would say that i have great self control/censorship. but that can be a bad sometimes also as i keep things to myself that should be brought out in the open. and when i do, it tends to piss people off, and seems like an explosion and ends rather quickly. i have been called rather brash...
I allow myself to be walked all over at times, just to "keep the peace" and "keep that person happy".

I can be really funny and witty at times.
One fault ive got is im so selfless and like helping people out... ignoring my own self
My worst side. Oh boy

Think it has to be
Constantly on my guard, always paranoid of things
I rarely trust someone and has increasable hard to open my self to anyone no matter how much I think I try.
I have really hard to open conversations and continue them.
I am really shy, and hate it.
Dislike: I tend to not live by my quote....I tend to love others more than I love myself.
Like: I possess unconditional love and am not a cheater.
Dislike: I'm afraid to make any sort of move toward a relationship. I've never been in one, never had sex, never even been kissed. I'm uncertain if people are interested in me, or are just being friendly, and consequently I'm sure I've passed up several opportunities at happiness simply because I didn't recognize their advances. Even if I had, I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to appropriately reciprocate. It has gotten to the point that I avoid social situations because I would rather start out alone than go home alone. For instance, two floors below me, there is a party of like-minded, similarly aged, mostly gay people just getting started, and my impulse is to stay up here and pack.

Like: I work extremely hard, I'm good at what I profess to do well, I'm pleased with how my career has progressed in a very short amount of time, and I hear beautiful music in my head, 24 hours a day.

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