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Name one Fault that you have
I'm becoming so negative these days. I'm such a pesismist.
i can't bear being alone
i think im too critical and really hurt people sometimes with way i say. im trying to be less critical, and nicer. i have a long way to go---
[Image: sdfg_by_cocoaeyes-d6waj25.png]
When I'm tired, I'm irritable. When I'm irritable, I get acidic.
My biggest fault is that I don't think I have any faults.


But I can be impulsive.
And I can be moody.

I'm also very diligent.
Highly principled.

Typical friggin Taurus I guess. What else is there to know?
Too much of a perfectionist, impatient, and occasionally have periods of utter laziness.

Well, nobody's perfect! :biggrin:
Well. I'm a bit of a mood swinger.
I have pretty bad self confidence and I can be really obssevive about small details instead of the big picture.
Oh and I have a short attention span.

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