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Name the most obnoxious earworm
Tiny Tim drives me nuts , I had an aunt that loved him, Donna and I would piss bolt out of her house.

Insane Clown Posy I swear a shovel dragged across cement would me more bearable.

Tupac when Jay went through his fascination with him ,it near drove me nuts, yet I did not mind Warren G that much.

Cat Stevens my brother used to love him.

The Seekers ,more their style not their voices as much.

Proclaimers ,I swear I would run a million miles to get away from them.:biggrin:
elad12 Wrote:Absolutely anything by Creedence Clearwater. All it takes is to hear one note and the song is stuck in my head and I hate, I mean hate their music

Though I love CCR, I see where you're coming from, they really seem to be one of those bands you either can really dig or that just make you wanna jam toothpicks in your ears and rip out John Fogerty's vocal cords with a rusty spoon. Rush is another one like that, they used to be my favorite band but now I can only stand to listen to a few of their songs (mostly from the Vapor Trails album they did in 2002, strangely enough).
Rainbowmum Wrote:Proclaimers ,I swear I would run a million miles to get away from them.:biggrin:

Lol, a guy I used to carpool with started a trend where every time we drove by a former coworker/carpooler's house, we would yell out the window, "Ya-di-da da dah!"
This is pretty obnoxious.....still though, pretty funny video :biggrin:

Personally, I've never got over Sheena Easton's "My Baby Takes That Morning Train." It scarred my childhood.

Girls aloud - i have no idea how this band had so much succses, they are so bland, cant sing, and havent got one good song, oh and they owe there sucsess to simon cowell!

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