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Natural remedies for pets..
Hi All,
What natural remedies have you found for animals?? Or even tried?? My dog Benji who is a miniture Jack russell (Anyone insults him by saying there no such thing as a jack russell will be screamed at as parsons are totally different) had a lump on his paw come up about two months ago.. Well i took him to the vets and they said it looks to be like a growth which would disappear after a course of anti biotics.. Well forking out £100 (because me being twat features didnt insure him) tried the stuff and it didnt work it just got bigger and more angrier so i took him for another and they said it could be cancerous or even a lump still which will fase over a few months to two years..
Well i still wanted to hold hope on it being a lump like a growth so i decided to try a few home made remedies that if ur local to the sea your know what to do so i threw him into the sea on brighton beach about four times and played a game in the sea freezing my bollocks off on a cold october morning and then took him up the river Adur which is in Shoreham about 5 miles west of Brighton to throw him in there and a few days later i noticed some puss seeping out of it so i just wiped it clean and he done the chewing stages which i was told dont let him do but i figured id be the judge of that.. Well the outcome is its gone right down now and completely popped and slowly healing over which im pleased for because i wasnt going to have my little man operated on to cut it out if i could help it..

Just wondered if anyone here has tried anything like this that vets dont recommend and infact they do the trick????

Kindest regards

zeon x
I hate vets, they wanted to charge us £400 one off for some kit and then another £60 a month to keep my [Image: censoredcp9.gif] cat alive!!

They take advantage of human nature of feeling attached.

Vets talk out of their arses,
I'm a victim of my own success.
I have never failed, I have just found many ways which are incorrect.
Everyone has a story, some people just have a better way of telling it.
In this Concrete Jungle we live, our survival is love that we give.
Hi all,
I know they do cardshark.. I mean im for the booster jabs as it is needed to keep dogs alive.. I however dont agree with expensive charges why cant they do an NHS thing for animals???

kindest regards

zeon x
My dad is all for nature taking care of things. They have mostly had cats these past few decades and he always lets them roam outside if they want... sees them eating grass and other herbs when needed as they know best...

Mom is crazy about Doctors, even though they have destroyed her life and now my life... but when a new kitten found its way in their home she was sure it was pregnant and sick and this and that... so off to the vet with the poor thing...

they turned a lively running jumping kitten into a zombie cat with the poor thing just laying around, never playing or anything...

Silly insane mom wants to bring the thing back to the vets, UGH!
hi all,
Thats women for ya never go by instinct hehe my mums like that and i always say mum u do what u do because ur a woman its programmed into you Tongue

kindest regards

Zeon x
zeon Wrote:Hi all,
I know they do cardshark.. I mean im for the booster jabs as it is needed to keep dogs alive..

I don't and wouldn't recommend NOT keeping up to date with boosters... but... I think the vet's DO tend to use scare tactics to ensure they make us take our pets every year.

Long time ago.. before my current batch of cats.. and even before the dog.. and before I was born! The house was alive with cats (think about 8 at one point).. they had their initial vaccs and boosters.. but I believe that was it.. and they lasted till their very late teens / early 20s without any probs.

Quote:I however dont agree with expensive charges why cant they do an NHS thing for animals???

I have often said this.. and would LOVE for such a thing to exist!! Although just imagine what the non pet owning tax and NI payers would say!!

Perhaps there could be some record that ensures only pet owners pay the pet NHS fees??

I'm sure its possible.. but the liklihood of it ever coming into existance... less than 0.000000001%! Probably.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
Hi All,
You would thing dogs being mans best friend so to speak they would care for the dogs.. I dont know why vaccinations have got prices on them i mean your paying to keep your animal in life when apparently life has no value as money cannot buy a life yet its ridiculous the prices vets charge.. I am tempted to take mine to PDSA and leave them a donation instead... I know u got to be umeployed but im sure a tramp would sell me his clothes for a bottle of cider

kinds regards

zeon x
-Comes back to post on this topic.

Basically I love animals and I bought a house bunny likeeee over a year ago, well the first time he fell ill I tried the home remedies he cleared for like 3 days took him to the vets and it turned out they did more harm than good and ripped like 9 holes in his tongue which he had to have a big op and was close to dying yeh the like £300 bill was nasty but they saved his life!!!

Then monday the same thing started again this time I thought right vets straight away he went in for a day came home the same evening had his op on his teeth they did his claws and it cost like £40, so the way I see it is, I cant put a price on his life, and paying £40 to keep him alive and safe and not in pain is worth it >_<

If you are going to try home remedies be VERY careful they may seem like a good idea but you have to remember that animals cant speak using words and the english language, yes they can show you emotions or if in pain but they cant tell you what it is.
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
zeon Wrote:why cant they do an NHS thing for animals???

I dunno bout across the water but here the PDSA has charity run practices were a small token fee covers most treatments and medications! Pretty handy too for anyone facin big vet bills or anyone on DHSS.
I take in strays and have used them a few times for neuterin etc but gotta say i try to make use of home remedies or over the counter meds when possible! Wink

zeon Wrote:...I however dont agree with expensive charges why cant they do an NHS thing for animals???...
I don't see this being on the cards until people are supplied with life saving medications as needed and until the NHS actually reduces the costs of expensive "free" dental and optical treatment.

For animals, taking out insurance is an option.

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