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Natural remedies for pets..
well, I have cero experience in vets of dogs, cats, bunnies or mammals at all but I need to say as a pet owner that treat your animal by your own, even with appropiate animal medication is wrong, you should think seriously about see a vet and if you want... ask him/her about natural remedies to do not pay extra money on medication.

Experience with vets and natural remedies:
Once my retic has sheding problem and I take her to a exotic vet, he told me that her scales was not fully hydratated and recommend me a chamomille tea soaking. It works excellent, that same night she shed perfectly and I only spend 250 pesos (like 18 bucks) in that, even I got a bonus, he ask me out to a pet expo (he is a vet, what could you expect!!) and was all because of my "specially tender pet caring" (his words).

Whatever, reading some posts awake my curiosity and I have some questions about there (UK and USA):
1.- Why veterinaty seek is so expensive?
2.- The vets take up money just to check your pet or was by medication too?
3.- Then medication is expensive?
4.- Exotic veterinary services are expensive too or just mammal vets?

if you can answer my cuestion I will be so damn glad. tnxs

XOXO, me.

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