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Natures wierd ways... Ever seen anything before?
Hi All,
I was watching this tv show on the BBC about the wierdest things happen from around the world and it seemed very interesting... It showed the Day turning red in Sydney back in 2000 and something.. It showed footage of frogs which had all exploded, it even showed things from within the UK where sea creatures had washed ashore in their thousands and died and then explained how things happenned. Even with the weather it explained about freak moments in time such as hail stones bigger than golf balls etc and i was thinking.... Whats the worst thing you ever seen??? One thing it did show was a area in the world where the sea had turned to foam and was just non stop foam...

I know recently where i live there has been some un explained events unfold... At the end of my road there is a 330 foot drop onto rocks and recently things that have emerged was a headless dolphin, a dead dog and today in the local paper they printed a article about half a human torso was found yesterday morning by dog walkers and it is to a skeletal state... l know with regards to the weather its going a bit bloody stupid as we are enduring gales of roughly 100MPH in some parts of the UK...

Kindest regards

zeon x
zeon Wrote:It showed the Day turning red in Sydney back in 2000 and something..

September 22-24 2009 was the time that the Eastern Seaboard of Australia turned red, not just Sydney. I'm 980km north of Sydney and remember the day. First it looked like a typical sea haze at about 9am, gradually things disappeared and turned from yellow to a deep blood red and visibility was a couple of hundred metres at the very best.

Over the next couple of days we couldn't leave windows open and there was the finest red silt covering everything, inside and out and it was millimetres thick. The taste of the air was positively aweful and at times was like inhaling razor blades. There was no escaping it, even an air conditioned building was no escape as the silt was so fine that it wasn't filtered, some businesses turned their air conditioning off all together.

Asthmatics, the elderly and the very young were dropping like flies, emergency services were stretched to their limits. As the silt settles on power lines and sun-stations, their would be massive power arcs causing power outages and fires. Some public transport was deemed too high risk and systems were shut down.

The dust cloud (Plume) had a front that was almost 3500km from north to south and affected the area from Cape York in the north (Often refered to as the TIP of Australia), right down to the News South Wales and Victorian Border.

In following days it crossed the Tasman and also impacted the North island of New Zealand.

What was the cloud? It was dry dirt picked up in drought ravaged Central Australia by an intense weather system with winds of 100km/h and greater.
I remember that day like it was yesterday.
My white car turned orange and the dust on the house was unreal.

It took me days to get all the red dust of the house, the shed, fly screens, windows , kennel,and stables.
You name it , it had red dust all over it.

Here in Goulburn , we always get the sandstorms from Parks and Broken Hill , but I have never seen anything like that before.

Check this out.

Broken Hill Dust Storm Australia

I was blessed to walk on a dark rural beach on a mostly cloudy night and yet see the ocean as it was slightly glowing. Actually, I was just a wee bit freaked over it (I mean it's GLOWING!), but it was so beautiful. I later found out that it's a very rare type of algae, IIRC. Here's a pic I found:

[Image: Bioluminescent_dinoflagellates.jpg]

And this looks to be something similar if not the same:

My experience was different in that it was a constant but very low key glow. But then people in my family (including me) with blue eyes have excellent night vision, far superior to many others (though our eyes can't stand certain types of lighting that are all too common, and headlights at night are a real pain because they can actually cause us physical pain), so it could be I picked up the glow a lot more than someone else would (whereas my eyes aren't adjusted to the YT scene that was recorded).

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