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Need a new car
Ok, it seems to have come to the point where I need to get a new car, mine is costing me a bit to keep it going and seems to be throwing up a few repairs at the moment, whilst it's a buyers market I think it's worth replacing it, it was my first car and now I need something a little newer.

So I'm looking for a small car, but still one capable of carrying 5 people. For example looking at the toyota range I wouldn't want to go for their smallest car - the Aygo - but the next one up - the Yaris. This is more due to me having to fit pretty large amounts of stuff into my car occasionally and also liking the space. Am keener on petrol than deisel models but not really for any reason other than my dads aversion to them (he owns one!!)

I'm probably looking at second hand but may look at new depending on the deals.

I've just gotten in from a day of car shopping. Here are my thoughts.

VW Polo - saw new and used. Test drove one and really liked it. Used was 2 years old with 28kmiles and forecourt price was £5975. The finance package sits comfortably in my budget. New was a little above my budget but possibly worth it considering savings on MOT etc.

Renault Clio - again new and used. Didn't test drive, were more expensive than VW(!) and looked obviously lower quality. Finance deals would greatly stretch my budget. Was also put off by ignorant, dumb, unknowledgeable 16yo who dealt with me; his colleagues were all the same!!

Ford Fiesta - decent finance package offered on a new car, within budget. Nice car - bigger than the others in the new style but still small engine so a little unsure until I get to test drive.

Citroen C1/2/3 - Walked in, had a look, was nauseated by the design/interior/lack of space etcso quickly walked out (no offence to anyone who has one, just really don't appeal to me!)

Vauxhall Corsa - Fantastic finance package including a part ex deal worth double what the others were offering. Deisel version cheaper road tax etc. Really nice car and can get it even cheaper in certain colours! A little wary as I have heard varying stories about their reliability and performance - can anyone comment??

I wanted to test drive a Toyota Yaris, I have always liked these since learning to drive in one, the approved dealership I found on the net has gone bust 3 weeks ago (I drove to the place and it was abandoned so I asked in the renault and ford garages and they told me! Also thought about a Seat but didn't find a dealership for these - I think they are quite expensive too?

So thinking VW Polo, Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Fiesta, probably in that order, with the Yaris still in there when I get to see one!!!!!

Any recommendations or warnings?
Thanks guys!!!
My only experience in another car was a renault Note, really nice to drive as I took my driving lessons in one, love it Smile.
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I'd go for a Japanese car Toyota or Mazda just for the reliability

I drive a Mazda 626 and apart from the regular stuff, brakes pads etc I have had nothing go wrong with it. I have had it for years now and just keeps on going.
The only down side is that parts can be expensive.

Good Luck

Notwithstanding your observations about Citroëns (three out of my last four cars have been Citroën estates Rolleyes ... I can fit 26 djembes, samba instruments for 50 or a full P.A. system in one) I don't think you'd go far wrong with any of those choices. How many Seats do you see on the road? When my Xantia bit the dust last summer I managed to go out and buy one privately for £850. I've had over a year's use out of it, so I'm happy.

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