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Need help please
I'm posting this as anonymous cause... frankly sex is a pretty sensitive subject for me :redface:

For quite some time I've tried anal penetration with some simple things as I do not got a dildo. It has felt good many times, but a special item, a long stainless iron thing that holds many toilet paper rolls, It kind of is naturally slippery.

So i took it from the toilet and started you know. It just felt so good, I've never orgasmed that intensely before, heavily breathing, sweeting, pre-cumming like fuck, my mind traveled to another dimension.

The problem is when I was done and was about to return it back I saw some flashing light from downstairs like if someone was waving with a torch. Know it wasn't my mother or my step dad as they sleep on the down floor and he was working night so If my mother would be awoke she could just lit the light without waking any. So it had to be my step brother.

We got our rooms at the opposite sides of the second stair hallway, and the stairs is pretty close to my room and the toilet near him, so if he would step into the toilet he could notice it missing or if he stepped close to my door and hear me as I was pretty much gone.

I'm pretty much freaking out as I am not ready to come out of the closet with my sexuality. God hope he did not hear. :eek: What Am I suppose to do? I do not know what he thinks of gays in general but he is a bitchy little prick in general, he almost made my aunt cry when she bought the newest Iphone that she was so proud of but according to him it do suck in comparison to others, but as on the positive factor do I think that her mother is a Lesbian as she lives with another woman and both of them are Very tomboyish, but he doesn't live at her and I do not know how close they are.

How do I know if he has or not has heard and what can I do to remain a low profile? Please help me :frown:
Anonymous Wrote:but as on the positive factor do I think that her mother is a Lesbian as she lives with another woman and both of them are Very tomboyish, but he doesn't live at her and I do not know how close they are.

I meant his mother not her.
Well, sorry if I didn't get it right. But even if he heard you, why would he have thougth that you were gay? I mean, he can't know what exactly you were doing, can he? *confused*
your decision to not be out, and that is good but you have to find a way to keep it personally manageable. You are entitled to a private life in the house you live in. Sex is a integral part of everyone and there are like 66 billion people so no big. Run not walk and get some fun toys and lube.
Well he heard heavy breathing and panting and grunting and maybe a groan or five or pleasure. Assuming he is the average intelligent guy he assumed you were jacking off. Unless he walked in and saw you laying in bed with a bit of steel shoved up your arse, he ain't gonna to figure it out.

As for the iron toilet paper holder. That is no wheres the same thing as a dick. You will never find a man that has a dick that hard.

On top of it, you can end up doing some very serious damage using something like a steel pole.

[Image: nr551290.jpg]

This is an illustration of the rectum from the side, the under illustration is a prolapsed rectum (pretty no? Prolapse is often very bloody and not so neat and tidy looking).

The rectum, that short slightly curved chamber is about 5 inches long. While your body can adapt a bit and it can straighten, the reality is that it is not made to take something as unbendable as steel.

In your excitement you can end up shoving to hard and puncture the upper portion of the rectum, when that happens you will be very embarrassed - most likely embarrassed to death since you will be terrified that everyone will find out you like things up the ass that you will lay there and bleed out, or worse, fecal matter will get into the peritoneal cavity surrounding the intestines and other organs, becoming nastily infected which left untreated quickly kills. It is such an effective way to kill that in many wartime situations puncturing the abdomen with a stick rolled in fecal matter was done as a form of 'punishment' that was not only torture but a death sentence.

You will never, ever, ever, ever, find a man that will feel like that iron tube you are using, as such you are training yourself to get off with steel, not with a man and you will be severely disappointed with real men.

So if you don't end up dying from embarrassment (actually a ruptured colon/rectum and bleed to death or die from infection) you will end up never being satisfied with men.

So consider this experience with your brother might knowing to be a wake up call to change this behavior and find/wait for a real man or real penis to play with up there.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
to be honesty you dont shove anything up your arse that isnt anythging other than another cock pure reason being is going to A&E WITH THE TOILET BRUSH will be embarrissing

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