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Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself.  I’m new to this forum and looking forward to meeting new people who can help me understand my new self.   I am bi and married.  Still not out to anyone including my wife.  I think she would be understanding but not quite sure yet.   Hope you all ha e had a fantastic weekend!
Well, we can try to help you understand yourself but the truth is despite any advice anyone gives you, you know yourself the best. I should think that you have probably have had an attraction to men (presumably both men and women) for a lot longer than you have come to the conclusion that you're bi.

As for your wife, well, take what I say with a grain of salt since I don't have a wife nor can a predict how someone might react. It might go well or she might think you've been sleeping around on her which would be bad, so be careful how you break that to her. At any rate, I think for the most part it is good to come to term with who you are.
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Hello and welcome to Gay Speak!
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Welcome to the forum @Emt1989. Like @InbetweenDreams said, I think it is a good thing you are coming to terms with who you are and your sexuality. Of course, I'm not sure how your wife will take it, but I think it would he unhealthy for you to keep it from her forever. I wish you the best of luck and I hope this forum helps you, it certainly has me over the years Smile
Hi! Welcome to GS
Welcome to the site @Emt1989 Nice to have you around! Smile
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Hi @Emt1989 ! Welcome to the forum! Smile

Hope you will enjoy yourself here. Smile

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