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New Jersey radio ads
New Jersey radio ads

Quote:[B][SIZE=4]Political Ads Attack New Jersey Gays
by Newscenter Staff
Posted: November 29, 2007 - 5:00 pm ET

(Trenton, New Jersey) A conservative group opposed to same-sex marriage has launched radio ads throughout New Jersey using children's voices to denounce gay unions.
The ads begin with an announcer saying "If we change the definition of marriage.." but is interrupted by a child.
"Grandma, my teacher said if grandpa was a girl that's ok, you can still be married,'" the voice says.
The announcer then returns to say: "Our kids will be taught a new way of thinking: 'God creating Adam and Eve is so old-fashioned.'"
"Thinking the unthinkable: 'If my dad married a man, who would be my mom?'"
The ads were paid for by the National Organization for Marriage.
The group says it is hoping to encourage people to call their state lawmakers urging them to block an effort to legalize same-sex marriage during the lame duck session of the Legislature.
A number of state Democrats have proposed bringing in a bill that would change civil unions to marriage.
New Jersey Senate President Richard Codey said that the National Organization for Marriage is wasting its money.
No vote on gay marriage will be taken during the remainder of the session.
That assurance was welcomed by New Jersey's largest LGBT civil rights group. Garden State Equality said it will use the time to build support for changing the civil union law.
GSE chair Steven Goldstein said the key is the makeup of the new legislature, set to take office in January.
In this month's election New Jersey Democrats increased their already dominance in the state legislature. In the Senate it is now 23 - 17 for the Democrats, the party already has an overwhelming majority in the House.
Goldstein said in the new Senate "We'll be 19 Senators who are solid 'yes' votes or leans 'yes' votes, with our needing 21 votes to win. In the incoming Assembly - where vote counts in a larger body can vary more - we can project at least 39 solidly 'yes' votes or leans 'yes' votes, with our needing 41 votes to win." "We put a ton of resources into the 2007 elections and it paid off. There will be no excuses to pass a marriage equality bill in 2008," Goldstein said.
On October 25, 2006, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples must have the rights as opposite-sex married couples but the court left it to the legislature to decide whether that should be done through marriage or civil unions.
Lawmakers chose civil unions, and gay and lesbian couples married in areas where same-sex marriage is legal, were regarded as in a civil union in New Jersey. The law went into effect in February. (story)
But since then there has been a growing body of evidence that civil unions are not doing what the Supreme Court ordered.
A state commission set up by the legislature to monitor the civil union law has heard dozens of complaints from same-sex couples that companies are not providing them with health insurance that is available to married couples.
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