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New York city
New York city, borders the Atlantic ocean. It consists of five boroughs composition: The Bronx (The), The Bronx Brooklyn), Brooklyn (Manhattan (Manhattan), Queens (The Queens borough) (Queens), listrac wattenberg Staten Island (Island). The total area of the total area of 1,214.4 square kilometers. New York or the United Nations headquarters, headquarters building is located in Manhattan donghe Thames.
Manhattan was the core of New York, in five district area is the smallest, only 57.91 square kilometers. But this thing is narrow, the south island is America's long financial center, of the 500 largest American companies, more than a third of the headquarters in Manhattan. Six of the seven major Banks home and each big monopolies headquarters are in here set center stronghold. Here also focused world finance, securities, futures and the essence of insurance industry, etc. Located in Manhattan island southern Wall Street is the symbol of wealth and economic power, but also the U.S. monopoly capital base camp and financial oligarchic pronoun. This article only 540-metre length of narrow streets lined with 2900 several financial and foreign trade institutions. The famous nyse and amex are located in this.
The Capitol of The World! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
I don't live that far from this awesome city. Did you just copy and paste that from Wikipedia or something? I love NYC. It is the best city in the whole entire world. :biggrin:
Guys this is a spam bot.
OrphanPip Wrote:Guys this is a spam bot.

I was wondering why the hell his post was worded like that! Makes sense now.
DRW Wrote:I was wondering why the hell his post was worded like that! Makes sense now.

Same here. OK well now nothing to see here. This spam bot will be gone soon.
I was born in the "forgotten borough"... Staten Island
I moved to NYC's back yard (Northern NJ) when I was 3.. I now live in the unofficial "6th borough", I literally live right across the river from Manhattan. Spam or not, I LOVE NYC.

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