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New Zealand Extremist Groups Just Ain't Got That Swing

These white supremacist demonstrators gave an amazingly lackluster protest in Wellington and nobody cared. ._. that's actually sort of sad and embarassing for them.

Lol what can you expect from Wellington though, it's full of wind and politicians busy being windy. XD It was so obvious that the passers-by interviewed couldn't care less.

At the end the most embarassing part is the group's main challenge is maintaining their "transient membership" and getting the $15 per year fees from them o.o

Lol I don't mean to offend Wellingtonians Big Grin I actually did go there once and it was nice. Very ample parking according to mum, and I liked how diverse Te Papa was.

Quote from Encyclopaedia Dramatica: Wellington - "This is the Capital of New Zealand, which is really boring and windy and don't go there."
Sounds about like Washington DC, though marches there usually have a bigger turn out. (I'll avoid the snide comments about that)
National Front is far larger and has a much more sizable global presence than i'd like it seems...the latter being rather ironic in my opinion.
I'm delighted that fewer people are taking an interest in groups like this, definately a sign of the times.
Don't yah just love NZ nazis. I met a guy who said he was going to get a swazi tattooed on the back of he head. I just told him I'd kick him in the face if he did. That shut him up :3
I actually hate racist more than homophobesTwak
Same as above me for too.........

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