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New around here
Hey guys just thought I'd say hi, when I was younger I used to enjoy myself on Internet forums and find myselfwith odd amounts of time to kill I thought I might see what's going on in this place nice to see a gay forum that isn't smut, not that there isn't a time and a place for that lol.

Anyway a little about me I'm a 25 year old gay man living in very rural Northern California. Not a bad place to be, the main downside being not a very big dating pool haha

Anyway just thought I would say hello
Welcome to GS Smile
Welcome to GS and forums
Hello, and welcome
Hello, welcome to Gs!

Well i myself already joined a forum before (just local though) because I was a college basketball fanatic relationship with other forumers is quite impersonal.

It's my first time to join a gay forum and im happy i joined...and yeah it's becoming personal since i am exchanging skype, twitter etc with people here...but it's all good Smile mainly for friends

Enjoy your stay! Hope to see ya around
Welcome to the forum, Weyr! Although I'm new here myself (been here about two days) I'm confident I can speak for us all and say we're glad you're here with us.

There are plenty of people willing to help with any problems you may have, answer any questions or curiosities, or just simply shoot the shit with you. (I, myself, prefer the latter)

Usually there's at least one person in the Chat Room, and we're all a friendly bunch. Stop in and say hello sometime.
heyhey , welcome
Thank you all
Hey welcome to GS!!! Smile
Welcome to GS.

The world is your dating pool when your online. How much bigger do you want? ;p


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