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New on this site and this group
In 1984, I had my first relationship with someone who called me Master; that has remained my status ever since. I was trained as a professional and played six instruments. When the orchestra that employed me disbanded, I later became a translator and a freelance writer. Eventually, I became a technical writer; I have now 22 years in that field. I am a published writer and have a novel that currently appears on Amazon.

I was married previously three times to women and father of five children, who are all adults now. I am an American-Israeli dual national who served in the Israel Defence Forces. I am also trilingual and have published works in all three languages. I am a registered Independent because both parties suck and yet I'm not giving up on the United States government -- YET

I have a partner who declared himself to be my slave after we had been meeting regularly for some time. I have known him for 21 years and am quite happy with him, but he knows and accepts that a Master may meet with others as long as they are not owned by another Master. However, I am not the sort to do things that would threaten an acquaintance of 21 years, but even so, some still approach me and hope to be with me. My slave and I plan on making it last long-term and hope to move in together in the spring after the risk of snow and ice is not a threat.
Welcome to the forum @LordMasterUniversal.

Thankyou for introducing yourself, you've had quite an interesting life so far!

I see on another thread you are having an issue with posts being held back. This happens to new members sometimes until they reach 50 posts. Nothing personal, it's just this forum has been victim to spammers in the past and I think it's something that has been implemented to help. Easiest way to 50 posts is the word games. Once you are past 50, your posts will always appear immediately and won't need to be approved.
Welcome to GS!
Welcome to the forum!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
Hello Master, would love nothing more than to be your internet slave I love verbal humiliation while wearing my wife's panties and sucking cock.

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