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Hi guys,
I've signed up to ask for specific advice, but I'm also worried my partner might be a member, so just scoping out who is here first really before I fling my woes onto you all!
Or maybe get to know some people so I can beg for advice privately Smile

I'm 29 and from the UK

How dare you vent our problems online! I feel so betrayed!

*dramatic exit*

Yeah, welcome to GS man :biggrin:

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[MENTION=24064]Jamie[/MENTION] Welcome to GS.

Also once you reach 50 posts you can post anonymously...However, having a username of Jamie is probably good enough as I am sure there are many Jamie's in the UK.

If you look around the forums...well people ask for advice on just about anything so don't be shy!
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Welcome Jamie [emoji16]
Welcome Jamie Smile
An eye for an eye
Hey welcome to GS
Welcome to the forum. Why do you think your partner might be on GS? Has he mentioned it?
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That's just the way it is
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Thanks everyone! Smile
He hasn't mentioned anything, but we're having a lot of issues and I googled something like "gay relationship advice forum" and it popped up so if he did the same thing he may end up here!

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