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Hello everyone. My name is Jason and I am a gay male. I am currently living in South Dakota because I am working a seasonal job here. I am just here because I love meeting new people and enjoy talking about my sexuality and who I am. I came out when I was 22 years old and dated for 6 years and went out all the time and had a great life, then I had a boyfriend that cheated on me when I was 28 and I have not dated since, I just have been on the outside looking in. I still think men are beautiful and would have to say that I prefer being a bottom in a relationship but also enjoy being a top as well.

I just love how I feel when I am with another guy, it just feels so natural and like I can just be myself without being someone else. My favorite sex acts with other guys is anal, rimming, body rubbing, frot, kissing. I just love being who I am. Its great to be here.
Welcoem to the site Big Grin hope you enjoy it here ^_^ we are very friendly, but you'll find that out yourself Big Grin
hey dude, nice to have you on the forums...

yeah I came out about the same time, felt like a bit of a late starter myself; plenty of people to chat to about things you're into, lookin' forward to some threads.
Hi and welcome to GS.
Hey Jason, welcome!
As I said in another thread you opened or covered... Welcome to GaySpeak, Jason... Glad to have you here with all the things you enjoy and your personality... Hope life in South Dakota is not too difficult. What sort of seasonal job have you got right now?
Hello and welcome from his other half too.
hi, nice to have u here m8
Sorry its a bit late.:redface:
Also sorry to hear about your unsuccessfull relationship.:frown:
Wish ya the best.Confusedmile:
Enjoy your stay!:biggrin:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Hey there! Whoa, dude... no way, you're into frot?! Awesome!!! Yeah, not too many guys are into it or even aware of it! You win and you're ultra cool in my book. I hope ya enjoy the forums, dude!

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