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Newbie from HKU
Hello from Hong Kong! Laugh2

My name is Chulwon, and before I looked around the website wanted to say hello. I'm Korean but I was born in Thailand, and now I am currently studying at HKU (University of Hong Kong) for a double degree in Comparative Literature & Media and Culture Studies. Would definitely like to chat and meet people :tongue:

oh, minor note. I joined this website for my social science project but it won't affect who I appear to be on here. I'll still be me. Confusedmile:
Hello. Welcome.

We were someone's social science project once before and it all ended very badly. Thanks for being upfront about it.
Hello and welcome! :]
I'm not here to question anyone, I'm just here as an observer. But of course I myself will be engaging Big Grin I'm liking this forum already, so many people with so many different interests. Its catering to my needs hahaha
Om Nom, welcome to the site
Hi! Welcome! I almost transferred to HKU when my family was living there.

Have a good one!
Hi and welcome to GS.
[SIZE=2]Social Science Project?

Well good luck with that.
And enjoy your stay.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Welcome to GaySpeak, we hope to hear from you and what goes on in Xiang Gang from the gay perspective.... You ARE gay, right???

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