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Newbie from VN
Hello everyone,
I am a new member of GS. I come from Vietnam and I am 26
I am an interesting person who has great sense of humor. I am looking for new friends or relationship.
Hope to have a chance to talk to you guys
Hello! Hope you enjoy your stay
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
Welcome to the forum Smile
welcome Big Grin
Welcome to GS Smile
Ibex Wrote:Welcome to GS Smile

Thank you SmileFish2
Xin chao ban!

Toi khong co biet la co nhieu trai vietnam o trong website nay! :biggrin:
Chào bạn
Mình cũng không biết là có trai vn nhiều hay không, chỉ thấy forum vào chơi thôi ,Smile
Chào bạn
Tôi cũng... không ngờ lại có trai việt nam ở trang web này Rudolf
Welcome, hope you enjoy the forum and don't mysteriously disappear like so many others...
Troll the respawn Jeremy!

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