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Nice to Meet You All
I hate introducing myself , but i am trying my very best to tell you guys as much as I can=)
I am 18 and I'm from Hong Kong ( I'm Chinese) . I have been living in the UK for a little while now,I'm always going back to Hong Kong for holidays though. I am pretty paranoiac and i always try hard to conceal my identity ... result of growing up in a Chinese community =p. I have not thought that i would try to get to know people of the same interest until just now i feel like accepting my identity and live with it=).
I had a pretty harsh time back in around three years ago when i was really attracted to a guy in my class for no reason at all... it was pretty tormenting to find out he is straight at the end of the i developed a sort of shield from all love-related matters for years and i simply evade it... it seems successful .. but it's not life without love Xd... so yeaa i really hope i can get to find someone that i am meant to be soon.. and to be honest i have fallen for girls too.. so i am pretty much swaying between both genders.... i always describe myself as mentally into girls and 'physically' into boys....that sounds strange to many people i bet.... well i am Gemini , that explains everything XD
I really hope i can get to know people here and make some friends... i do have friends... mostly girls..and a lot of guys around me always think i am way more than friends with some of them ...and get jealous of me ... how ironic XD
oh well i am expecting a warm welcome XDD ... just kidding .. i just want someone to talk to me and i hope we can be friends=)
ohh and bear with my English , it's not my native language (well i hope you can't tell that, until you read this =p) ...well i guess everyone can understand me anyway, so i shall pour my worry down the drain=p.
do not hesitate to ask if you want to know anything about me=D
Hello closetman ,welcome to GS.Welcome

BTW your English is just fine.
Thank you=D
Hello and welcome! Confusedmile:
Thanks!I feel a bit neglected for not getting many replies XD
Welcome to the Forum.

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
hello and welcome to the forum,
We all start off somewhere ien life little one and overtime as you get used to the ideal of your sexuality the pieces of the puzzle fit in perfectly!
Welcome to GS. I'm pretty new as well, but I can say first hand that this is a great community with some amazing people :-)
hi m8 ... hope that been in the uk u may find that people are pleased if u want to come out...but thats totally up to u - welcome to gayspeak anyway ,,hope to see u posting questions etc !!!
matty7 Wrote:hi m8 ... hope that been in the uk u may find that people are pleased if u want to come out...but thats totally up to u - welcome to gayspeak anyway ,,hope to see u posting questions etc !!!

i know very well it's not a big matter to the local british people ..well just by seeing the no. of gay bars in soho in London lol and the openness of those's pretty much like telling them there is nothing to hide. The thing is i do have a lot asian friends and you know most asian are less open-minded ...and i do not want words to spread back to my family at the end.. thats the only reason why i am holding back this action all the time. I am quite sure my grandma would commit suicide if she hear this... LOL.

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