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Nick Dee + Ducky
Hey all! I posted before about gay rappers. I'm excited for Nick Dee's album Sorry I'm Not Sorry! I know I mentioned him before but i know him from school (he's a film student, I let him post his doc video on another thread).

[Image: armsup.jpg]

Reading some posts there still seems to be a little bit of guilt attached to our sexual urges. I was totally like that before I realized there's no reason to make excuses. Nick's CD definitely helped me realize that. And he has this other DJ named Ducky rapping on the song Greenlight that I always use to get pumped up before the clubs Big Grin

Do you think his music sounds good? You can hear it at if you want to.

[Image: 1293142266_img1.gif]
Cute and this is quite catchy -

ooh that one is really catchy!
hmmmm sounds like a commercial song sort of
NYUstudent Wrote:ooh that one is really catchy!

commercial like in a selling out sort of way or like something that you'd hear on a commercial?
How about commercial as in selling rather than simply selling out? Musos have to put bread on the table!

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