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No More Olympics for 4 more years :(
What a great Olympics this year! Loved to see all those talented athletes doing what they do best. All those gymnasts, and swimmers, and divers will beautiful asses and ripe bulges. Can't wait for Olympics 2016! Wink
winter olympics 2014? hmmm lol
ivorybenz Wrote:winter olympics 2014? hmmm lol

but there's no speedos :biggrin:
ceez Wrote:but there's no speedos :biggrin:

I guess your right lol
last event there was 11 open gay participants, this time 22.
next 4years will there be 44?
good thinking pellaz but I highly doubt it.
gonna miss the tight shorts for sure - i did enjoy the olympics when i though i wouldnt really care much,, this guy looked fit for the uk    
I enjoyed the games very much!
[Image: pmcjtuzj82im6ynx49ta.gif]
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
Who cares about speedos when there are athletes performing?
MrMcfat3 Wrote:Who cares about speedos when there are athletes performing?

Me, simple answer to that

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