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Norwegian guy from Liverpool
I'm a Norwegian guy living in Liverpool.

I fled from Norway a few years ago, and am currently looking for more friends in the UK.

So that's how that is.

Best regards

Hi Erik,

welcome to Gayspeak, hope things are getting better for you amongst the scousers :tongue:

most people on here are friendly and will chat, there's some cool people and good ideas on places to hang out and things to do.
Hello Erik and velkommen til GaySpeak Welcome Hope you manage to make friends here
Hi there, Erik. Welcome to GS and like PA said, I hope ya do manage to make friends here.
Welcome to the Gs community Eric
hi and welcome - why "fled norway" ?? no need to answer though...just sounded sort of final, was it a hard place to be gay where u were from ?? u can tell me not to be nosey - i wont be offended at all.
Hello. Welcome Smile
Hi and welcome, Erik. :]]

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