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Not Sure If I'm Gay Or Bi - HELP!
Hi, I am hoping that somebody can help me. I am unsure if I am gay or bi.

I am male and I am primarily attracted to men but sometimes I want to have sex with a woman and I sometimes feel attracted to females and would like to do things with them.

Most of the time I prefer guys though so I am not sure if I am gay or bi.

I have heard of homoflexible where a guy prefers guys but is a bit flexible so maybe I am that but I am not sure.

I have more experience with guys as I find it easier to get with a guy than a girl and I have no game when it comes to chatting up women (or men for that matter lol but men are more likely to approach me on nights out)

Sometimes I have kissed girls on nights out and I would be up for doing more tbh.

I do have an ex girlfriend from a long time ago but I thought about men when we were having sex quite a few times.

I do miss going down on her though and sometimes I just wanna have vaginal sex.

I do find men very sexy also and I usually watch man on man porn. When I see a hot woman, sometimes I want to have sex with her though.

I just find the labels of gay and bi quite limiting and I'm not sure if either really fits me.

I'm just really confused over my sexuality and I need help.

I have been out as gay/bi for 8 years, sometimes I say gay, other times I say bi as I don't really know what I am.

Can some one please help?
HELP! I think I am trans!
I mean it sounds like you're bi? You shouldn't focus too much on fitting into a label. Date who you want to date and as far as relationships just date the right person for you whether it's a man or woman.
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sounds to me like you're bisexual, with a preference to men.
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Similar to what inbetweendreams said.

Labels are kinda irrelevant just be you, if you want to date a guy then do, if you want to date a girl then go for it.

but to answer your question that does mean you are bi Tongue
What you describe sounds bi, but that doesn't exclude you wanting men more often than women. No judgement intended, but I'm curious if there a reason you need to know? Please don't tell me we've got to fill in a form now we have left the European Union!!
I think you just answered your own question there. If you say you are not comfortable with labels, then that is that.

As others have pointed out, you sound bisexual, even if you seemingly are tilted a little bit more towards men.

But that is really not for any of us to decide. We can't categorize you or put a label on you that you don't want for yourself.

That is up to you and if you don't find any particular label fit for you, it is perfectly fine to go without one.

Do you feel the need to have a label btw? I know the rest of the world sometimes demands a category for you. Don't feel pressured, though, if that is the case.
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If you find the labels limiting then why give them the time of day? You are young enough that you need not be hemmed in by the thinking that was common 50 years ago. In those days putting a label on someone was usually an early step toward condemning them. That is not necessary these days. We live in more accepting times. If you come from a more restrictive background then do yourself a favor and learn to accept your own identity as being unique. You are you and it is completely OK to be just that.
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