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Not sure what to make of what this guy is saying
I was hanging out with this friend of mine and he had his brother that was in the same room as us.

We were watching TV and the brother said that he would like for me to give him a BJ. I heard what he said, but I ignored it and didn't make any comment and kept looking at the TV. A few minutes later he said the same statement and again I ignored him because I didn't want to have any issues. The third time he said about that if you aren't going to give me a BJ, he would settle for a back massage. I again ignored it and didn't say anything.

Anyhow his brother said I am going to go upstairs and I was going to leave with him when all of a sudden I had this feeling that maybe he was serious about what he was saying. But even though I was down there with his brother for a couple minutes I was going to ask him if he was serious about wanting me to give him a BJ or a back message, but I decided that if he was joking and I said something that would imply something.

His brother and I have messed around before and I have given him a back message and a BJ but never with this other brother. Is it possible that he told him something about it and that's why this other brother brought it up? Do you think that the guy that was saying this a few times could have been serious? I kind of regret the fact that I didn't pursue it or at least try and test it out to see if he was really serious about it. Also, the fact that the brother said I am going upstairs I was thinking later that maybe he was doing so as to be a look out in case someone tried to come downstairs to see us.

Do you think I handled it the right way? I really like this guy and would for sure give him A BJ but I also thought about what that would do with the fact that I give his other borther a BJ and if I did it with the other brother if that would hurt things. Has anyone else experienced this before? I know the brother a little, but I didn't want to make a mistake and any input or advice would be welcomed. Thanks.
Firstly Welcome to the site! It's really nice to have new members around. Smile

I think you handled it really well. I have not be in this situation but i can fairly say you did handle it really good. As for advice I mean if you're having doubts about this whole thing. I guess it's really not worth it. In my eyes it wouldn't be.

But at the end of the day it all depends on what you want.
welcome to GS

all sounds very giving, how is anyone doing you any favors?
seems no one was very clear on their thinking so good to just ignor it
Unless he's the one you are in a relationship with, a simple "Sorry, I only do that with my partner." would also have been fine.
and i have no answers, lol. could be that he wanted just
what he said, but his having said it in front of his brother
rather than privately raises red flags. i'm still trying to
feel things out regarding flirting and guys in general.
sometimes i suppose you have to take that step into
the dark unknown if you're ever going to find happiness.

from the master of talking in circles, lol. is he cute?
I found the whole story rather awkward. I mean, what kind of person goes asking for a bj from someone they hardly know, for starters? Have I got the situation right that the three of you were in the room? That would, at least, have been awkward for the brother who is your friend, so what was all that about?

I think you did well to ignore it. Indeed you don't know what the brother knows about you from his brother, but whatever seems to be the case he's the one who was (in my opinion) out of line. It's not as if you were a prostitute, and there he was blatantly asking for fellatio, and not just the once, which could have been construed as a joke, but three times. It sounds like he's rather bad mannered to me. You were not in an intimate situation which might have warranted such a request, so I think you were well advised not to take him up on it. Is this something you could ask his brother (your friend) about??? (this was my initial answer which I thought had been swallowed by the machine. You can read another version in the message below. )
Hello and Welcome to GaySpeak.

I think the whole situation, as you described it, was rather awkward. I mean what kind of person goes about asking someone they hardly know for a bj? Huh? This was, in my opinion, out of line. It might have been construed as a joke if he'd said it just once, but repeating it three times sounds more like he's bad-mannered. It's not as if you were a prostitute from whom he could make such a request, or even in an intimate situation that might have warranted it. You were watching television, minding your own business.

Is this a situation you can discuss with his brother (your friend)?? Or is that too awkward? If it's too awkward, then I think you did the right thing. The brother putting you in that kind of situation sounds rather foolish, disrespectful, or completely barmy. What could possibly make him think that you'd be in the slightest bit interested? To say the least, his attitude was cocky.
If you could discuss this with your friend (the one you've been intimate with before), then it would clear the air a bit. But you'd better find out first if he's been telling his brother about you.
take care.
According to your status you are a gay man in a monogamous relationship.

As such when dick head asked you the first time for a BJ you should have said, 'Sorry, I'm in a seriously relationship'.

Being in a monogamous relationship should mean that you are not going to be on your knees giving BJ's to people's brothers, or massages.

Demand and command respect from people. This guy would ask for a BJ from a girl now would he? No he would sit there proper like and respectful, maybe flirt but never come right out and say to here 'give me a BJ'.

Does he know - well obviously he knows your gay. Maybe he has assumed you and his Brother have done things.

If you allow these behaviors to go on around you and just sit there and take it, then you are going to receive a lot of crap in life.

Yes you are gay, gay doesn't mean you suck any old cock, gay doesn't mean your a promiscuous. You need to make it clear when stuff like this happens that there is no change in hell - ever, that you would even dream of having sex with anything less than a gentleman - even if you were not already married.

(monogamous relationship = marriage)
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If you are young and learning and sexually active and NOT monogomous like your profile says, then I'd confront him right in front of the brother who is your friend and dare 'em both to bare 'em both or SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Sagrin If you're as young and inexperienced as I gather, HAVE FUN! BE SAFE!!!!!!

Welcome to GS! Yllove
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
Bowyn has a good point, there. What is your real situation?

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