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Not sure what to think
Hi, this is my first post but i figured this would be the place to ask. I've always lived in a backwoods town in south carolina, where being gay usually ends badly. Most open people here have been jumped at least once so it's kinda hard to get advice on these things. I'm comfortable with the fact that im attracted to men but I keep getting this guilty feeling and I dont know if it's that im not really gay or if its all the years of being in this place and the way I was raised. Really confused at this point, anyone have any advice?
I live out on the coast in Myrtle Beach SC. I grew up in a small hick backwoods town as well. Its normal to feel odd or guilty about liking men when you are raised up in a hostile unwelcoming environment like that. My best advice would be to be true to yourself and dont feel guilty about who you are. You might consider moving to a more gay friendly place. Myrtle Beach or any small city would probably be a better choice than staying in the stix as a gay person. In a small town you stick out like a sore thumb. In a larger city you blend into the crowd. Good luck!
thanks, its been bugging me alot lately. I plan on moving as soon as possible
You are welcome. You definitely are not alone on here. Confusedmile:
Well, hello and welcome. Good luck with that move, although it is a pity that you have been made to feel you have to go. It is your home too and you are harming no one by being you.
Welcome to the GS community of friends

i can not add to the good advice you have gotten accept to agree with you choice to move and you grief at having no choice but to move

I live in the 3rd gayest city in the nation Madison Wisconsin i love it here. moved here 1 year ago
Going to school soon will probably give you some opportunities to meet friendlier and more open people. So good luck with that. Confusedmile:
Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate the advice.
There are many open communities as well as campuses, go on line and check out the colleges/universities you want to go to are gay friendly, nmsu has a support group. many others do also, James
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