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Not sure where to go from here
Ok, I have a friend that I met at work 9 1/2 years ago. Worked with him a few months and had a crush on him. He moved away shortly thereafter but about a year ago, he came back.

We've hung out ocasionally since. I thought I was past the crush....nope.

Now I think I may be falling for him but i'm not sure because it's not a constant feeling even though i'm thinking of him nearly every day now.

I've never had a bf before so i'm not sure what i'm feeling.
do you think he is straight?
NO, he's gay. I know it's crazy but we've had sex a few times.
enjoy the romance
Doesn't ease my mind much. I also don't know how he feels and don't want to push him.
well he obviously thinks you're attractive. It wouldn't be too weird to just ask him if you guys want to start 'seeing' each other.
If you can fuck him, you can talk to him, That's what I think needs to happen so that you both know what each other wants and then be able to do what has to be done.
" so i'm not sure what i'm feeling"

we are all so jealous.. your in love. go out on a hike, bring him flowers, , goto the movies.
When you end your life the only things you will remember are the things you love. I still remember my first pure masculine love. His name was Gypsy. I was 5 and he was so much bigger. He trapped me on the kitchen floor. He looked me directly in the face. AND LICKED ME. I forgot to mention he was a wired hair terrier. Hey I was terrified of dogs before I met Gypsy. My neighbors let me walk him.
OK OK I lied. He walked me. So what he was close to 50 lbs heavier. I wasn't afraid of him once I knew that I loved Gypsy and Gypsy loved me. Always go for love. It's the only thing that lasts.
Tell him you like him man, just go ahead and admit your feelings. If he likes you back, awesome, if not - meh, you still get to mess around.. :]

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