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What are your guys' take on nudity?
I'm not talking about nudists at a nudist beach or anything like that, I mean more personal. In your home.
Ever been with your significant other and afterwards just got out of bed completely nude?
And instead of putting on clothes, you start doing your daily tasks.
And it's not because you forgot to put on your clothes. You just felt either sexually aroused or free.

Haha. Give me an insight to if you've ever done that, how it felt, who was with you? When?
My third partner was an 'at home nudist' - meaning at home there was a general 'no clothes' policy around the house.

But he had lots and lots of mirrors in the house and would stop and flex in front of every single one of them. He was a tad bit into himself... just a tad Rolleyes

Back when I first moved in her there was 'skinny dipping' at night in the pool.

As for around the house chores in the nude, not really. I wear at least sweat shorts just to keep the tender bits a tad safe from stuff...

Besides I had a cat that love to play with dangling things... my partner, um ex partner learnt the hard way that my cat (Named Dog) has very big claws...
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Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:Besides I had a cat that love to play with dangling things... my partner, um ex partner learnt the hard way that my cat (Named Dog) has very big claws...

Bowyn, You are not the first person I have heard this from. In fact, I have a friend who is an emergency room nurse and he told me about a guy who came in to the ER for that very reason. OUCH!

As for nudity, we're pretty free here at home. Generally mostly clothed but certainly not afraid of the impulse to move about freely in the buff. My partner is particularly fond of wearing just a t shirt that's just long enough to almost cover everything. Thumbgrin

It's not always sexual for us, just free. In fact, it's more often not sexual.

I'm an underwear fanatic, so I'm just as often kicking around in a pair of something exciting!
My ex and I were in house nudists. sleep nude, get up nude, have coffee and read the paper/watch the morning news nude. Of and evening we would get our work kit off and kick back nude. There is something to be said about the freedom of not wearing clothes and not feeling the desire to be humping like rabbits. I honestly felt it didn't affect either of our libido's. When you are horny you are horning and the 'appreciation' of each other's bodies is going to happen weather you are clothed or nude...well that was the way I felt anyway...there is still something very sexy about kissing and cuddling and undressing your partner.

So from my point of view, nudity is nothing but a comfort thing, and seeing other people nude isn't a sexual thing...having sword fights is a sexual thing ;-)
I guess you could say that I'm an "at home nudist" as well. I sleep in the nude, have since I was a teenager, and will walk around the house naked as well. To me it's more of a "it's freer" type of thing more than anything else.
I sleep in the nude but that's about as far as I go. I don't have the body to be walking around nude :biggrin:
I'm comfortable with nudity and sometimes it can feel freeing but I actually find the right clothes or covering far more sexy, I think because it inspires my imagination more.

That said, I never thought anything weird about going skinny dipping, including once with my male cousin (I was 14, he was 17) and another with a bunch of male & female Wiccans (ok, one was neopagan, said he was no longer Wiccan, but he still hung out with them) when I was 17 and the Wiccans ranged from teen to I think in their 50s. And about the same time skinny dipping with the Wiccans (and many times after) I also used a hippie sauna naked with many males & females of all ages (from prepubescent to as old as my granny). I saw nothing sexual in it and nothing sexual happened (I'd have been shocked if anyone had so much as leered at me). Perhaps that's inherent to my nature or perhaps my mundane experience made me see it as normal. But I do know that many people find what's taboo is far more erotic all over the world (for example, if women walk around topless a lot then most men don't see it as a big deal but in other cultures where women are made to wear burqas then even the site of a woman's ankle can drive men into a frenzy of lust). Perhaps my escaping direct indoctrination of Christianity and seeing plenty of nudity growing up just made it not a big deal (nor erotic) to me.
I love skinny dipping, and my ex and I did it every chance we got! Other than that he was pretty self conscious about his body and would very seldom even take off his shirt outside the bedroom, so I was only sometims naked throughout the house. But it is a great feeling! And not really sexual for me?
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Here nudity is not a problem... @ home everyone does how he like it, even when some friends are here. Mostly people sleep naked..and if someone awake in the morning or in the night he goes nude.... its not a problem for heterosexual friends, too.

Swimming in lakes... nude or not, nobody think about.

We have here some Events like nude wandering, nude biking, nude camping or nude sledging... Ok ..sledging with underpants....

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Literally 1 day after my wife and i separated (after coming out) I began being a home nudist. Perhaps it was a celebration of my comingout and feeling free to be me, but since then i have slept naked every night and feel very comfortable walking around my house sans clothes.

As i began dating and after entering into my first gay LTR that didn't change, but like others have said, being naked wasn't a "sexual" thing as much as it was a celebration of freedom and independence.

Being naked alot also served as an incentive to get in shape. WHile i've never been a "gym rat" or obsessed with having a 6-pack, i quickly discovered i felt even better being naked when i was in shape - and that hasnt' changed. Even at 50 (yes, i know i'm older than most of you folks on this site), I feel very confident being naked because i'm in good shape. My partner and i often visit a local gay campground where you can be nude around the pool, and we take advantage of that freedom!

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