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O hi. again
Havent been here in a few months. Been deployed for the past 3, was supposed to be coming home next week, but I got extended 3 more months. It totally sucks, I'm trying to stay optimistic. I finally got internet access so I should be around more. On a less depressing note, I did meet someone; albeit, it has been limited to strictly a long distance relationship and we have never met in real life. We skype everynight that I am avaliable. I think he is what is keeping me sane while I am out here.

Hope everyone else is doing well,
Hi there Confusedmile:
Hi Dan.

Hope the 3 month extension passes quickly for you, thats harsh having it extended so close to your return date. :frown:
Hi Dan, welcome to the site and thank you for your service. I love you for it.
From one vet to another thanks, welcome back, stay safe, your in my prayers, James
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