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Offering help for self harmers..
I have never done a thread like this before but i am doing one to say to people here now and in future that if anyone was ever down in dumps like big time and contemplating self harm or committed self harm and wanted to talk to another ex-self harmer who has been there got the scars and the memories to proove it then id be willing to offer my support to those.. Of course ill still support people here who arent self harming but with anyone who is self-harming or is going to contemplate it to make things easier id recommend maybe dropping me a inbox message as people only self harm when they need a cry for help..

Kindest regards


p.s anything that is sent to me in my inbox regarding this if anyone ever uses my offer for support i shall keep it in strict confidentiality and it will stay between me and the person and our inboxes..
I'll offer my support too as i have helped a couple of friends from that path. you just have to remember that you are not alone and there are those out there that will help and give you their time. Dont let your emotions control you, keep on top, trust me, it might seem hard but it is not impossible, i take up shouting where no one can hear me, even talking to someone helps, just let it out in all the ways that are benificial to your self.

Zavy Big Grin
Good advice zavvy... I thought of this thread as ive got like 3 people at the moment talking to meabout self harm and it has prooven to me that its a good source to prevent it..

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