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Oh my, do they never learn?
Some of you know that I broke up with mt ex a few months ago. Well, I initially signed the semi we co-owned over to him. Yesterday I got a call form the finance company informing me that he had not made the last two payments on it and, that they were at the company yard of my former employer to claim the truck. (Thanks Doug for having them call me)

I made the payments, saved the truck, got the loan back in my name, and am waiting on the final legal paperwork to make the truck mine once again. I had a team form the company bring it down form Illinois (where the company is based). Me them at nearby truck stop and took possession of my rig this morning.

A few hours ago my now unemployed homeless ex calls me and expects me to drive 90 miles to pick him up at the bus station. (it would have cost more money for him to get closer and, he didn't have it.) Rolleyes

I was nice, referred him to a nearby homeless shelter and even wired him enough for a pack of smokes and a sandwich. (And sent him pictures of MY truck in MY driveway.)

Now a couple of weeks ago, when he came to remove the last of his belongings form my house, he said nothing of being behind on truck payments, and I did warn him that if he came back, I would consider it trespassing.

So now, about five minutes ago, I get a call from the Salvation Army in Texarkana (40 miles away). Dumb cluck has made it that far, got a free bus ticket or something because he supposedly had a home here. (Yeah okay my address is on his driver's license) Now he's got the staff at the closest shelter to me convinced I'm the jerk that won't let him come home because he defaulted on the truck payments. Rolleyes

I informed the Salvation Army Sargent that we had in fact split several months ago, over several issues, not the least of which was his infidelity. So I get begged to "be a good christian" and let him come home. I refused and, if he tries I will have him and whoever gives him a ride out here arrested for trespassing.

Will he never learn, do not tangle with me, I play to win, and I'm usually pretty good at it. I just can't help laughing at my ex's antics. Rofl

What did I ever see in him? (and don't answer that.)

I guess when you can laugh at your ex's stupid antics and trying to get at you, it means it's getting time to move on and get back to dating huh? (You can answer that one) Smile

Hey, maybe all that therapy and working on me is paying off. This wasn't so bad as I thought it was going to be. Dating well - YIKES! not again?! :O

I'm too old for this, can't I just magically meet Mr. Right and skip the dating scene? (Or maybe I just need to go to Dallas and find someone on Grindr?)
You are a funny man. Smile I have played in Dallas and let me tell ya there is a broad spectrum of diversity in that city! My bestie in the whole wide world lives in McKinney and I love that area. But why go that far? AND maybe the opposite approach might be considered? ALL dating fun and NONE of the Mr. Right stuff for a good while? Just asking... You're not too old!!! You're PERFECT for calling the shots as you'd have them sir instead of all the gaminess that abounds with youth and learning. There are SO few mature men with their shit together. But I get want what you want.

Best wishes brother. Wavey
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
Sorry to hear about the problems with your ex.

But good that you saved your truck. Is that it in you avatar pic?
No that one has a few more chicken lights than mine, and I don't own a trailer, just the tractor. That avatar is a show truck, not a working truck - gorgeous though Smile

As for why Dallas, because it's there or Shreveport and, I like the big D better (find a map of Dallas Fort Worth, turn it upside down and, look at what the freeways draw a picture of if you wonder how it got that nickname.)
I have no idea what that means... The ability to laugh at ourselves is one of those features that separate us from other animals. Laughter is a complex 'emotion' and can mean anything.

It is healing to laugh - heals us from all sort of wounds.

Is it a signal to throw yourself back into the dating pond? Unknown.

For personal reasons (my recent train wreck) I'm kind of sitting here screaming at the screen 'Don't Do it!'.

But you have 9-10 months since your break up, so most likely those wounds are healed enough to where you won't get hurt (much) in many instances of dating.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I know, me too, but, well you know how that goes. Maybe a trip to the Bay, or Dallas in my case? :tongue:

More like, do I really want to even go to a club, munch or whatever? I'm not a big people person but, maybe not being quite such a hermit (aside from a a few friends) is a good idea.

Mostly I just find it laughable that he still thinks he can push my buttons, and went so far as to get someone else to try when he failed on his own. :biggrin:

I think I just need to get the next 3.5 months over with and have the insulin pump work well enough to get my medical waiver, and get back in that truck. And NO - co-driver this time. Not doing that again because well, I learned the hard way what you get when you stuff two gay guys in that cab 24/7 - a mess.
Blue Wrote:... Mostly I just find it laughable that he still thinks he can push my buttons ... I think I just need to get ... and get back in that truck. And NO - co-driver this time ...
-your X will always be able to push those buttons, give it time
-a co-driver can be a true lover too

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