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Oh no!

An empty forum! And It's the music one!

No one else a musician on here?

Coz I play the piano, and compose and stuff. Going on to do music at uni next year and everything.

Yeah these topics are brand new, the second day they are on...

welcome to the forums btw !

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I used to play the flute back in grade 8 & 9, the teacher even put my in the senior band I was so good.
I haven't played the flute since, but I am really wanting to learn to play the piano (or organ). I just can't afford it right now, money and time wise. Hopefully I can in the near future.
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used to pathetically play the viola
REALLY ??? So did I !!

I got up to (and passed) Grade 4, but I gave up before taking Grade 5 as they insist that you do vibrato for Grade 5, and I'd never been taught how, and my teacher thought I was just taking the p!ss (which I took exception to), so I gave it up ...

I do miss it sometimes - I enjoyed it Confusedmile:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Hey I played the Viola for a bit too! Gave up tho. Did my collarbone in.

And I didn't realise these were all new! I must've joined at the same time as them!
I'm not really sure whether I can label myself a "musician".

In the band I'm in, I'm the lead singer and lyricist, currently trying to learn to play the piano, mostly so that I can actually compose the music to go with the lyrics I write (so far the music is only in my head). Confusedmile:
I used to play Piano... got up to playing grade 4, although never took any of the Grading exams... but... like my German skills, never used em once I left school and I doubt I could play any good now.

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The viola rocks ....... I've always wanted to learn to play the piano, but never really had the chance ...


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
i play saxophone

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